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Dating And Single Parent Book Review

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In Dating and the Single Parent, Ron Deal opens up conversations necessary for many single parents as to whether dating or considering the possibilities is the optimal thing to do, as well as coming to terms about the best time to do so. He presents his story through a variety of synopsizes of stories collected through many years of studies. He is open and honest using biblical doctrines as the foundation of his advice. This critique will examine Ron Deal’s key ideas, Christian approach, and two of the theological approaches he addressed.

Humans are created beings, created with the sole purpose of serving a higher calling. Dating and the Single Parent addresses many of the ...view middle of the document...

Society has accepted so much propaganda that has nothing to do with the Word of God and everything with society norms. According to Deal (2012), “A study of dating attitudes of twenty-year-olds found that an overwhelming majority (94 percent of never-married singles agree that ‘when you marry, you want your spouse to be your soul mate, first and foremost’ (p. 31). The author emphasized the need to understand the purpose in dating that reflects God’s will in the lives of single parents.
God created humans and He alone knew their intended purpose and their full potential. Marriage was a part of this knowledge, however, it too has been tainted through the fall of man. The author noted what the scriptures say about the sanctity of marriage, without ignoring the effects of the astronomical increase in divorce rates. The author mentioned the importance of single parents adjusting their lives to reflect the very nature of God. Time continues to move no matter what circumstances an individual face in life. The author discussed issues surrounding the impact dating and remarriage have on younger children. The author also noted the fact that in many cases dating with children affects everyone regardless of the age of the children involved. It is extremely important for parents to take their children into consideration, but even more important to adhere to biblical principles. There are many factors that complicate family dynamics, however, with God all things are possible through Christ.
Divorce and discontent bridges gaps regardless of the economical backgrounds and is not mindful of color or creed. Individuals have divorced from days after marriage up until decades after marriage. There are so many opinions in the public view about sexual purity; however, the only view that matters is the Christ eye view. The author emphasized the importance of submitting every area of life under the control of the Omnipotent God. Studies have showed that often times the way individual’s lives their lives are often repeated. Without God as the head of human lives, people will all fall short and just like the Israelites; they will continue to live in the same manner as they always have. Understanding the need to follow a precedence that is centered in the Word of God is vital in everyday living. The author stressed the importance of seeing people for whom they are, and take time to date, and to pay attentions to red flags. Deal (2012) wrote, “Your confidence about choosing marriage will also increase dramatically when children, friends, family, and God’s Spirit confirm your ‘us-ness’”, (p. 158).
Potential Use for Christian Couples
Dating and the Single Parent could be a moving force for couples that are considering marriage. Understanding the complexities that surrounds dating for single parents especially Christians is essential in order for couples to make this transition smooth for all parties involved. There are many topics that are often times ignored as...

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