Database Design Essay

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Database Design and how it is used at Wal-Mart
Benjamin Stites
University of Phoenix.

What is a Database System?

A database system consists of four components which are the users, the database application, the database management system, and the database itself. We will describe all four components briefly.

Database: The database allows a business to store important data using a collection of related tables and other structures.
Database Management System: A database management system is a computer program that is used to create, process, and administer the database. (Kroenke & Auer, 2010)
Database Application: A database application is a set of one or more computer programs that serves as an intermediary between the user and the database. They read and or modify database data by sending SQL statements to the database.
User: The user is the fourth component of the database ...view middle of the document...

By outsourcing to NCR it allowed Wal-Mart to store more information on customer needs and enables Wal-Mart to keep track of employees and inventory stock. The database for online ordering stores the customers address, order numbers, order date, and amount ordered by the customer. (Wallack, 2009)

Type of Database Architecture Wal-Mart Uses

Wal-Mart’s software is provided by Teradata and Wal-Mart also used NCR’s Teradata Relational Database System alongside its Oracle based architecture database. This has allowed Wal-Mart to know what their customers wants and needs are, and how many of a certain item sales each month. The database then creates an order form or automatically orders the item base on supplies. Wal-Mart was also the first to adopt the RFID data management system. The RFID system allows Wal-Mart to keep track of products when they are shipped to each store.


By outsourcing to NCR in 1997 and by being the first to adopt the RFID System Wal-Mart has become the largest retailer in the world. Wal-Mart being motivated by giving customers what they want and need made decisions that change the business landscape forever. When it comes to relational database usage Wal-Mart became too big to handle all the information on their own so they outsourced to NCR to help manage the situation. By also adopting the RFID System when it became cheaper to do so Wal-Mart was able to handle their shipping data more effectively. This allowed Wal-Mart to become the first company to use a database in such a way that it made Wal-Mart the richest retailer in the world.

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