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Data Warehousing In Universities Essay

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Design and Implementation of a Data Warehouse Prototype for the University of Nairobi within the Context of Relational Online Analytical Processing (Data Analysis)


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Data ware housing is a booming industry with many interesting research problem. The data warehouse is concentrated on only few aspects. The discussion here is about the data warehouse design and usage in the case of the University of ...view middle of the document...

Meta data is contained in database catalogs and data dictionaries.


In the 1970’s virtually all business system development was done on the IBM mainframe computers using tools such as COBOL, CICS, IMS, and DB2. The 1980’s brought in the new mini-computer platforms such as AS/400 and VAX/VMS. The late eighties and early nineties made UNIX a popular server platform with the introduction of client/server architecture.

Despite all the changes in the platforms, architectures, tools, and technologies, a remarkably large number of business applications continue to run in the mainframe environment of the 1970’s. By some estimates, more than 70 percent of business data for large corporations still resides in the mainframe environment. There are many reasons for this. The most important reason, and one that is particularly relevant to our topic, is that over the years these systems have grown to capture the business knowledge and rules that are incredibly difficult to carry to a new platform or application.

This is a strategy for satisfying business needs for complex queries and insightful information with a managed database. In 1990, William Inmon (Inmon, W. H. 1997) coined the phrase “Data warehouse”.

The ultimate goal of data warehousing is the creation of a single, logical view of data, which may reside in many physically disparate databases (Butler Group. 1996). “…traditional database systems are good at recording and reporting what happened. A data warehouse shows why” (Fisher, Lawrence. 1996).

Data warehouses represent the latest great paradigm of database management. The earliest data management systems were hierarchical, run on massive mainframes, and were used primarily for archival purposes. The first big change came in the early 1980’s, with the adoption of relational database systems, which have primarily operational applications. These systems, typically run on minicomputers, are used for online transaction processing (O.L.T.P.). Now come Data warehouses, commonly run on client/server networks of personal computers and more powerful server machines. These latest systems are used for online analytical processing (O.L.A.P.), an essentially strategic application.

Data warehouse organize and store data, from the operational environment, over a long historical time perspective. Consequently, they provide data found in the operational environment. Data warehouse allows user to recognize data they want and, using simple query tools, create their own queries, based on solid repository of integrated, historical data.

The concept of data warehouse is that: It’s a place where data extracted from production systems in the enterprise is stored (Warner, Tim. 1995). The University of Nairobi as a big organization, there are operational systems like: Admission systems, Accommodation system, Examination record system, Master timetable, incorporated on the SMIS (Student Management Information System) etc. all of...

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