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Data Management Policy Essay

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Data Management Policy
University of Canterbury

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University Management
August 2009
May 2012
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Director, Planning, Information and Reporting Unit (PIRU), Extn 6187

The University of Canterbury is currently in a data-oriented environment which promises to become
more complex in the future and place greater demands on those who are responsible for collecting,
managing and disseminating the data. In order to manage our operations and progress in this
challenging environment, this University Data Management Policy has been adopted.
The data generated and ...view middle of the document...

e., excludes departmental
specific and research data etc).
Custodian - a senior position within the University responsible for the collection and
dissemination of data in an information system.
Data - a general term meaning facts, numbers, letters and symbols collected by various means and
processed to produce information.
Data Categories:

Public data - Available to public. No access control or identification is required.
General administrative data (proprietary data) - data for general administration.
Primarily internal usage, not for external distribution e.g., student names, addresses etc.
Protected data - data to be used only by individuals who require it for their jobs EFTS, FTEs, grades, salary bands.
Restricted data - data containing sensitive personal or confidential information,
commercially sensitive information or other information that would usually be regarded
as sensitive information e.g., disabilities, aegrotats, disciplinary proceedings etc.

Data management framework - the organisational structure in place to manage the University’s
data resource.
Data Quality - the accuracy, completeness, validity and currency of data.
Expert - technical expert.
Information - data that have been processed into a meaningful form.
Information System - a system that gathers, condenses and filters data until they become
information, then makes that information available on time and in a useful form for use in decision
making at various levels of management within an organisation.
Steward - the person who has oversight of the use made of data and, as such, the intermediary
between users and experts.
Users - staff who use administrative data as part of their day-to-day work.

Policy Statement:
Those responsible for the University operations must also be responsible for the administrative data
that concerns the University. Maintaining the quality of this data is crucial to maximise the value of
investments that the University has made in data collection and maintenance.
The University of Canterbury is committed to the following principles of data management and
expects adherence to them.

Data Management Policy – University of Canterbury


Principles of Data Management
The following principles of Data Management outline best practices at a high level within the
University which every Data Custodian (below) must be aware of and adhere to in order to ensure
contributions to data quality are being made at all levels within the University.
These principles must guide all data management procedures.

The University, rather than any individual or business unit, owns all data.


Every data source (e.g., Finance, Human Resources Student Administration and Course
Information) must have a defined custodian (a business role) responsible for the accuracy,
integrity, and security of those data.


Wherever possible, data must be simple to enter and must accurately reflect the situation;...

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