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Data Driven Web Entertainment Essay

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Data-Driven Entertainment/Education
Friberger et al. defines data games as “games where gameplay and/or game content is based on real-world data external to the game, and where gameplay supports the exploration of and learning from this data.” They also use a taxonomy to explore the categories of such games. They propose to use open and linked data to procedurally generate game content. One of their examples was Open Trumps based on the popular card game Trumps. The data source for the game content is a UN database of countries and demographics indicators. However, procedural content generation entails some transformation of data into the game content. As the authors caution, we must be ...view middle of the document...

Another example is a set of application that allows the users to query for information that is not easily accessible or in a human comprehensible format. On the website, some instances are the ‘Search for Public Schools’ and its sibling applications. Or ‘Find a Health Center’ to help citizens find federally funded health center near them [6].
Data-driven applications with dynamic datasets are more common since they map well to our dynamic world. Moreover, the popularity of smartphones(loaded with sensors) allows us to collect and generate an ever-changing stream of data about ourselves and our environment. On the website, some examples are AIRNow which reports real time air quality information about a location, or Rodify where users can contribute or check real-time transit information [7, 8]. Other types of examples are interfaces to our personal health data collected through wearable devices like the Fitbit[9]. Finally, in academia, there have been efforts trying to understand the dynamic data produced by people on social networks. The Tweet Sentiment Visualization project is an implementation of such efforts. Based on a keyword supplied by the user, and a set of sentiments, the application supports different type of visualizations representing the relationships between the realtime tweets about the keyword and the sentiments [10]. [11, 12, 13] are other examples.
The major problem with these applications is that they are quick information delivery system. The perspective of the designer is that of a passive user, a consumer of the transformed data. Thus, they do not engage the users to explore the data, discover patterns and acquire new knowledge.
2. (Static, Interactive games). This category comprises mostly location-based games since most location information does not change or, games based on historical data. “Reliving the Revolution” is an educational game that combines augmented reality with location to provide virtual information in a physical environment. The game aims to teach historic inquiry, decision-making and critical thinking. The physical site of the game is the Battle of Lexington, in Lexington MA. Depending on their location of the site, the player interacts with different historical figures to gather evidence on the battle, and then collaborative evaluate who fired the first shot. A pilot study revealed that learning about the Battle through real historical figures’ accounts was an enjoyable experience for the participants [14]. Another project, “Ambient Wood” enabled children to practice their scientific inquiry skill to uncover the complex history or ecology of woodland. The participants received information on their mobile devices about their environment based on their position in the woodland. They were also equipped with different data collection sensors. The findings of two studies revealed that the participants were active in their scientific inquiries, including interpretation of information...

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