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Data Driven School Essay

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2. About presentation Presented by Md. Moshiur Rahman BSSE 0330 Institute of Information Technology, University Of Dhaka
3. Overview  About USA schools  Problems with existing systems  Effects of the problems on Students  Idea of Data Driven School  Implementation  Improved System  Case Study Question  DDS : Perspective of Bangladesh.
4. About USA Schools
5. Problems
6. How Data Driven Concept works
7. Idea of Data Driven School
9. Implementation
10. Data Acquisition Data Acquisition have included: Guidance information (student placement and behavioral records). Student demographics. Classroom grades. Data on, and observation of, ...view middle of the document...

1. on-going evaluation 2. elevating teaching 3. learning to the next level The Test Preparation phase is where schools synthesize the knowledge and practices gained through use of a DDIS into improved student performance.
14. An Example Unified Public Schools (which has 23,000 students, 45 percent of whom are eligible for free or reduced lunch) created a student information management system. The information system currently helps the district address two important issues: 1. It provides quick and tailored responses to building and staff requests for student information; 2. and it enables teachers to design classroom instruction that accounts for the needs of individual students on the basis of their reading, writing, and numeric proficiencies.
15. Educational Value  The district can monitor transience more efficiently and meet the needs of students who move among district schools within the year.  They provide a ID for each student. The ID tracks students through the school system. Each record contains student and parental background, coded as variables, as well as information about attendance, scheduling, grades, and disciplinary action.  At the classroom level, teachers have direct access to individual student data through student performance software.  The help of software consultants, the district ensures the informed use of student quantitative records by training teachers for the different assessments.
16. Improved System
17. Case Study Question 1.Identify and describe the problem discussed in the case? This case is all about the alarming school performances of students in United States because of their poorly structured educational system. So the use of Information System, specifically the use of data-driven decision support system helped the government and the school to increase the level of students performances.
18. 2....

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