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Data Collection Essay

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Data Collection - Ace Cable
RES 351

Data Collection - Ace Cable
As stated in the week two, Ace Cable is an established company that offers cable television, telephone and internet services to its customers. These services are available to customers across the United States and they have been in business since 2000. In recent years, the competition has grown and Ace Cable is experiencing a decrease in customer enrollments. Customers now have multiple options to consider before enrolling into an agreement and Ace Cable is conducting research to persuade more people to sign on with the company. The research included defining the population from which the samples were collected.
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Next step is to determine the appropriateness of the sample size.
In researching ACE Cable we were able to find it effective in our methods of sampling as well as appropriate for the sample size. Since ACE Cable is a well-known company that ranges all over, we found it key that more than just area sampling (the most important form of cluster sampling) was used in the research. As mentioned earlier, methods such as interviews, surveys, face to face contact, telephone surveys, and in-store feedback all played a vital role in how it was made possible to reach out on a wide network of customers and collect data. Through each individual store and employee of ACE cable at different locations covering all of the company’s population, feedback is being taken to ensure data is all being compiled for better use of the business' effectiveness. With probability sampling the data of ACE Cable was able to be more detailed and precisely researched on its large scale. Sources of bias or errors are possible when sampling.
Validity is the degree to which the investigative goals are measured accurately, and the degree to which the research truly measures what it intended to measure. Another measurement tool is reliability, which measures consistency. Reliability refers to the extent to which the research measure is a consistent and dependable indicator of the investigation. If the measuring technique provides the same results once the measurement is repeated the accuracy of the measurement is high (Suresh, 2011)
Selection biases are induced by sampling design. The sample group must be a true representation of the population without errors. It is important to decide how you select an appropriate setting and sample to conduct the study in order...

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