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Data Classification Standard Of Richman Investment

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1. Abstract
This is a report that describes the “Internal Use only” data classification standard of Richman investment. This report addresses three Infrastructure domains that are affected by the standard and how they are affected.
2. Contents
Table of Contents
1. Abstract 1
2. Contents 1
Table of Contents 1
Table of Figures 1
3. IT Infrastructure Domains Affected by the “Internal Use Only” Data Classification Standard 2
User Domain 1
Workstation Domain 2
LAN Workstation 2

Table of Figures

3. IT Infrastructure Domains Affected by the “Internal Use Only” Data Classification Standard

1. User Domain: This Domain is where only one user will have access to it. This can be configured to internal use only. By default, the IT department tries to maintain a ...view middle of the document...

Workstation Domain: The Workstation domain is the second layer of the infrastructure that “Internal use only” standard affects. The Workstation Domain is where users first access the systems, applications, and data. This layer requires a login and password authentication before access is allowed to view information because unauthorized access can Infect the workstation with viruses. At Richman Investments, we provide very secure access for the employee workstations with a username and password. A security protocol requires the password to be changed every 30 days. All computers maintain regular updates and continuous antivirus protection for monitoring. Additionally, no personal devices are allowed on the network.

3. LAN Domain: The Local Area Network (LAN) Domain is a group of computers all connected to a single LAN domain. The LAN Domain is a collection of computers connected to one another or to a common medium. All LAN domains include data closets, physical elements of the LAN, as well as logical elements as designated by authorized personnel. It requires strong security and access controls. This domain can access company-wide systems, applications, and data from anywhere within the LAN. The LAN support group is in charge maintaining and securing this domain. The biggest threat to the LAN domain is Un-authorized access to anything (the LAN, the systems, & the data) on the network. One thing we can do is requiring strict security protocols for this domain, such as disabling all external access ports for the workstation. In addition, based on the needs, users will be granted access to their individual department’s LAN and or other applications only if their required job calls for that type of access.
These are the three IT infrastructure domains and their details of how they are affected by the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard of Richman Investment.

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