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Dark They Were With Golden Eyes

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November 19th 2015
Dark They Were With Golden Eyes

Ray Bradbury’s Dark They Were and Golden Eyed is about Harry Bittering and his family’s attempt to escape war on earth by building a colony on Mars. This suspense tale shows the effects of the Bittering’s odd new surroundings on Mars. Bradbury’s description of Mars and the Bittering family’s reactions to it give warning that something could go wrong. The atmosphere is one of foreboding and apprehension. Slowly, the circumstances tighten around Harry. The author uses character and plot to express the theme that fear creates resistance to change. I feel that this story is a parable, showing the ways that individuals ...view middle of the document...

As the story develops, the Bittering family and their friends accept their new environment; however Harry is still determined to return to Earth. When seeing his friends chatting on the steps of the grocery story, he wants to scream “…aren’t you afraid? Aren’t you frightened?” (Bradbury 241) And then asks “will you help me build a rocket?” (Bradbury 242) to which the men replied with laughter. The relaxing and clam attitudes from the men show their willingness to adapt to their new surroundings while Harry still has fear, which causes him to create a way to return back to earth in an attempt to avoid change. Additionally, throughout the book, change is discernible. Harry starts to notice subtle changes occurring on Mars: his cow grows a third horn, roses turn green, and lawn seeds sprout purple instead of green. Harry wants to leave Mars before strange changes happen to him. But, his space ship is never used, and the Bittering family and other earthlings start to change. Their bone structure, color, complexion and language change. They become Martians. Years later, the war on Earth ends and a new ship travels, its mission to save the earthlings from Mars. The rescue team does not find any earthlings, only Martians who have a great affinity for the English language.
Harry’s unease and anxiety over his new environment proved logical in the story. He was right to be fearful and wary of the circumstances. Harry is more than just a character; he is a symbol for the part of humanity which knows when something is a little too much, too inhuman, and where to draw the line. His unfinished rocket that he starts to make in an effort to flee, gets lost and forgotten when everyone start to turn into Martians. The unfinished rocket is more than an effort to save humanity, it is more than just a metal; it is a symbol of fate. The fact that Harry and the other humans from earth turn into Martians is another symbol. In our society, Martians are depicted as bloodthirsty and vicious. They are a representation of everything we do not understand, of the...

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