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Dark Matter In The Universe Essay

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Have you ever wondered why there's so much empty space in the universe? it turns out that more than 70% of or known universe is made up of Dark Matter. What is Dark Matter? Why does it take up so much space? How can we use it for the betterment of our universe? There are so many questions that arise when something we know little about makes up so much of where we live.
What I Already Know About My Topic:

I chose to write about Dark Matter in the universe because it is a very rarely known thing in human understanding. When someone thinks space, they think planets, galaxies, and “Star Wars.” When I took my first high school science class, the very last section we had was ...view middle of the document...

Now isn’t that a coincidence? There are many of your questions that I unfortunately can not answer as of yet, but that is just the basis of my love for science. I’m always looking for new information.

What I Want To Know:

Throughout the beginning of my paper, I myself wanted to ask questions, and I eagerly await the moment when I can answer my questions to my contentment. I would most definitely like to learn more about the subject matter at hand, and I just wish I could just learn about these subjects every day. Though I can certainly not call myself an expert, I enjoy the title Pre-Professional. From doing this research paper I hope to answer not only my questions but many of yours as well. Some of the questions I will be asking will include questions that include, What effect Dark Matter has on the universe as a whole? If Dark Matter doesn’t exist in our atmosphere, then how do we know it’s actually out there? What proof is there of Dark matter? What is Dark Matter’s atomic structure? Finally Can we actually recreate Dark Matter?

In addition to these “big questions,” I will also attempt to answer some of the more common questions about Dark Matter. Those who ask the questions will not be discriminated. I will attempt to answer questions from various knowledge levels ranging from young student to professors of science. Such questions could be, “Could Dark Matter be hidden within other dimensions? What is the theory of Dark Matter? Could Dark Matter be Anti-Matter? Could neutrinos be the missing Dark Matter? Could mini-black holes from the Big Bang be what Dark Matter is? and Could Dark matter be gravity from other dimensions?”

The Search:

I. Chandra Dark Matter

Q) “Admittedly, dark matter has been inferred from gravitational effects on the unexpected orbital velocities of stars in a galaxy. They do not decrease outwards as predicted by Kepler's Laws. The question is: “Does the hypothetical dark matter itself rotate?” In other words, we "discovered" dark matter from the rotation of stars. How about the rotation of dark matter itself? Does it "matter" that dark matter rotates?”

A) The dark matter particles are themselves orbiting in the gravitational well created by the cluster mass, just like the stars do, with approximately the same average velocities as stars. In this regard, there is no difference between these two matter components.

Q)” Is it possible for the existence of an 'anti-dark matter?' It was long predicted for the existence of anti-matter in theory so it seems plausible to me.”

A) However, we would then have to explain why there are so many more dark matter particles than anti-dark matter particles ,the same problem we are faced with for matter and anti-matter, or explain where the anti particles are hidden

Q) “Could dark energy simply be the effect of gravity from other universes which surround this universe and big bangs...

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