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Dark Ages Essay

810 words - 4 pages

Nicole Henson
Intro to Humanities
January 18, 2015
DeVry University
Professor Clarke-Peterson

Outline/Proposal on Dark Ages
I. Introduction and Thesis
The Dark Ages refer to the medieval period in the studies of humanity. The general duration of the early Dark Ages is considered to be from 450-1000 century (CE). It is believed that the fall of Roman Empire brought about an age of “barbarism and religion” (Gibbon 18th CE). This era, compared to both the pre-dark ages and the post-dark ages, Renaissance, witnessed no significant scientific innovations, no great art produced, and no valiant emperors or leaders ruling the early medieval Europe (Middle Ages, n.d.). These are the major ...view middle of the document...

* The widening monasteries were esteemed centers of learning, and scholarships. This led to the flourish of Irish monks, who traveled to other parts of Europe to bring back the light of Christianity, in the Dark Ages (Eaton & McCaffrey, 2002).
* Around the 9th CE, the Irish monks were prominent in almost all European courts. It was owing to these monks, that the classical literature and the Holy Scriptures survived the ruins of Roman Empire (Houdmann, 2014).
* The preservation of the classical literatures and the Holy Scriptures was one of the vital roles played by the Irish monks in re-converting Europe to Christianity. Later on this preservation was to become key factor in the advent of the Renaissance.

IV. In the late Dark Ages, the advent of Chivalric Code, gave the Europeans some respite from the barbarian society. It also rekindled their hope in religion, and brotherhood.
* The Arthurian legends were the prominent prose and poetry of the late Dark Ages. The spectacular stories of the valor and the loyalty of the knights of this era revived the God-fearing and ethical approach to life (Essential Humanities, 2013).
* Chivalric code emphasized the concepts, such as honor, courage, loyalty to one’s lord, service, and gallantry towards women. It was a moral system developed in the late Dark Ages (Newman, n. d.).
* The Chivalric code, followed by the medieval knights, later on planted the seed of modern day ethics. The moral values followed by the...

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