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Darfur Genocide Essay

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Mohamad Nuwaila
September 26, 2012
Swot analysis

Home Depot is a nationally and somewhat internationally recognized company. They not only have stores throughout the US but they have broken into Canada, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Mexico. They are the United States’ largest retailer behind Wal-Mart. Home Depot is known for its bright orange logo and its multiple departments available to individuals and businesses. They have primary operations in the home center and hardware store industry. Their strongest competition in that industry comes from Lowe’s, True Value Hardware, and Ace Hardware. Some other industry’s in which you can find Home Depot competing include building ...view middle of the document...

New hires complete a training curriculum that is designed for their specific job type. They also provide “refresher” opportunities for employees on safety in the job place. Home Depot encourages open discussion of potential hazards in the workplace so they can be rectified in a timely fashion. If the employees are educated in safety within their workplace environment then their consumers are safe as well within the workplace area.

Home Depot takes great pride in being a corporate and social responsible corporation. According to Home Depot’s main website, they are built on the principle of creating value for their stockholders while at the same time not forgetting their own values. Their employee’s spend their own personal time volunteering in the communities that Home Depot serves and they offer a wide range of educational classes in stores that are geared not only to adults but also to children. They also participate in being an “environmentally friendly” corporation. They have shown this through a variety of ways such as carrying a broader scope of energy efficient products, environmentally friendly products and their recycling practices. In 2007, Home Depot launched a new line of “environmentally friendly” products. They named this line of products “Eco Options” and it supplied Home Depot with $3 billion in sales in its first year. This amount only accounted for a little less than 4% of their sales in 2007 (Tobin-Ramos, 2008). Just recently, Home Depot opened recycling hotspots for old, burned out light bulbs at some of its store locations.
One of Home Depot’s noticeable weaknesses would be the declining customer loyalty. The decrease is not solely based on their customer service or product offering but that...

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