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Dare To Dream Essay

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I Want to Know … What is Your Dream?
Are you willing to lay hold of your dreams?
I'm not talking about a wish – a wish is usually only a passing thought that most people never act on. But a dream is something that captures your heart and spirit. It ignites your imagination and fills you with an unquenchable hope. It becomes something you can't easily set aside.
Dreams consume your thinking and fuel your excitement and passion. It can happen in a single moment, or it can captivate your thoughts for years. Sometimes when the dream is really big, you embrace it, and somehow it feels like the dream embraces you.
Our dreams are often about experiencing a better life, about achieving greater ...view middle of the document...

In I Samuel 30:6, it says that David encouraged himself in the Lord.
So I made the decision that when circumstances or people said things that discouraged the dreams in my heart, I would go back to the Lord and stand on His promises. Beyond that, I would do everything I could to continually express hope, both verbally and in my actions, in what I believed God had in store for us.
I chose NOT to let go of the dream or give up, but to press on and praise God.
I know in my life, I would never have realized some of the amazing dreams that God has blessed me with if it had not been for the encouragement of my wife Victoria. When I begin to doubt or feel the pressure to let go of God's best, she is there to remind me of the faithfulness of God, and to speak words of hope, life and encouragement concerning my future.
I wish that everyone could have an encouraging voice like that in their life, but sometimes it's not always the case. In fact, sometimes those closest to you can actually be the biggest "unbelievers" of your dreams.
I believe that one thing God has called me to be is an encouraging voice in your life:

What's the vision from God that’s captured your heart, that's lingered, that won't go away? Are you still holding on to it or have you let it go? If you have, the time has come to pick it back up again and reclaim your dream.
Let me encourage you: a dream doesn't always have to be something spectacular like winning an Olympic medal or becoming president.
What's the vision from God that's captured your heart, that's lingered, that won't go away? Are you still holding on to it or have you let it go? If you have, the time has come to pick it back up again and reclaim your dream.
In fact, some of the best dreams are seeing your child walk in right relationship with God or experiencing a restored marriage or having a job that that actually pays you to do what you love....

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