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Dangers And Controls Of Bird Strikes Essay

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1.Who has the right to fly? Bird or man? God has created the bird to fly in the sky, whereas man is not designed to fly. But man has conquered the sky and now sharing the sky with the bird. Therefore, we can say that it is our responsibility to avoid the collision with the bird and ensure the safe living of the bird species.2.Recently the presence of birds around all the airports have been increased in a remarkable numbers, therefore, the aim of this article is to apprise all concerned regarding the bird hazards.3.The bird-strike menace to aviation is universal. It has no respect for airspace boundaries, airport locations, phase of flight, aircraft type, season of the year or air crew ...view middle of the document...

The tremendous suction of turbine engine intakes, which bird can not sense and anticipate, added further danger.²Mixing in the Skies?6.In the early days of flight, when both aircraft and birds were evenly matched, it was easy for the highly maneuverable bird to avoid the aircraft. The rapid increase in aircraft speed and the development of quieter aircraft has meant that it is now more difficult for a pilot to avoid a collision with birds. Bird strikes tend to happen between 50 feet and 800 feet during the take-off and landing phases. Bird encounters at altitude are rare, although, the highest ever recorded bird strike occurred over the West African coast when a turbojet collided with a bearded vulture at 37,000 feet!7.In general, turbine-engine airplanes are more vulnerable to bird strikes than piston-engine airplanes because of their greater speed and lower noise level ahead of their flight path. Birds do not get enough warning to take evasive action, and when disturbed on the ground they tend to swarm up in alarm into the aircraft's path. Helicopters fly in the same airspace as birds, often below 500 feet, and theoretically should face a higher bird strike risk. Birds, however, seem to perceive the presence of helicopters a lot easier than they do airplanes and move out of their path. This could be for a number of reasons: the relatively low airspeed, the large amount of downwash air, and the noise. Higher speeds have also led to greater impact forces and more serious consequences. In a collision, doubling the mass of the bird doubles the energy of the impact. When the speed of the impact is doubled, the energy of the impact is quadrupled! (See Figures 1 to 3.)³Fig. 1.Fig. 2.Fig. 3.8.Even if a light aircraft traveling at 90 knots hits a small bird of 0.5 kilograms, the impact energy is approximately 536 Joules. The forces involved are sufficient to badly dent or tear open aircraft skin surfaces, shatter windscreens, rupture hydraulic lines, damage oil coolers and air intakes, smash landing lights, or break off pitot heads. Although a collision with one bird can result in significant structural damage, it is the dense flock that creates the worst hazard. Aircraft of virtually every type and size have been victims of bird strikes, from Boeing 747s to Cessna 150s, and in most cases the pilots had little advance warning of the danger. The following points may help understand it from the perspective.Time and Location of Bird Strikes9.Researchers have found out that 66% of bird strikes occur during take off, 19% on approach and rest 15% occurs at other phase of flight. We can conclude that 90% bird strikes take place at or near the airport. Therefore, the geographical and ornithological position of an airport is important for reducing the bird-aircraft strike rate.10.Again a study of bird strikes reported by European Airlines found that engine strikes comprised 17 percent of all strikes, and during the critical phase of flight any loss of...

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