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Dangerous Of Depending On Computers Essay

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In this century that we are living now, has many different ways to communicate and interact with people. New development technologies have made our lives much more easier than the old day. Many people prefer to look at a screen and explore new things, such as do homework, chat with our close ones, listen to a song, watch a movie, buy new clothes and so on. Moreover its saves money times and energy. However, high development technology has disadvantages like it is true and guaranteed for hundred percent.
Firstly, depending on a screen rather than meeting face-to- face is very bad for health. It will make our spine back ill. At the same time people who are facing computer at work and in home also have risks on ...view middle of the document...

Because they use computers as a tool for communication via instant messaging services like skype and email services. They do not have liked to personally interact with other human beings and their bonding with others may depreciate. Parents, those who are spending time on computer screen, don’t have time to spend with their spouse and also their children. It will break their relationship.
After that, people who do their works by using the internet also has bad sides to the society. They are getting lazy, spend their time in front of computer screen and not going outside for a walk. Their movement are get limited, only at home. It also making the person isolated from the society outside which the he or she is might become lonely and just communicating with the computer.
Having limited face to face contact will cause to have less trust in others and its not good for us. This because most of people like to communicate by communication system such as email, twitter, facebook and others. The person that we communicate not know to us, but we are closely chat and talk with them by using the technology. Moreover, there are many chances to be cheated by the person that we don’t know. When we don’t know the person well it’s so hard to believe them. So, we may have less friends and even more stand-offish.
Working in front of a computer is although a fantastic idea on the opposing side internet users must be aware of dangerous consequences and that could affect health and attachment with other humans. Computer and technology must be used on when it is necessary, and not all the time.

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