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In text 1 the Chief Constable Bernard Hogan Howe thinks that the law about dangerous dog should be changed. Any dog could be aggressive and attack a person, it depends on how the owners raised it. And it is very hard to say witch dog is a pit-bull, because it could likely be half pit-bull, and if it only half pit-bull should it be put down? It is hard to know the difference. So it is “deed not breed” when the dog has done something wrong it is the owners fault, because they have not raised the dog right. It is only after the dogs that have done something wrong they should be punished, likes humans do.
In text 2 Victoria Stilwell says that you should think about getting a dog, especially if you have kids. She does not think small children should be alone with any dog, because their line of vision is lower than adults and dog sees that as a threat. This is not fair to the dog, because it does not understand it. Victoria says that, if you want a dog, do not ...view middle of the document...

And the criminals prefer illegal dogs. Since death is a common thing, nobody thinks that if a kid gets mauled by a dog is a big deal.
Simon Heffer has I very negative tone. He is criticizing the police forces, the government and the owners of the illegal dogs. He says that the dangerous dogs act is a pointless piece of legislation and that the police often don’t lay down the law hard enough. He does is describing the owners of the dog on a very negative way, he says that in people like them shots children at night and they commit benefit fraud. He ends up saying “Forget about the dangerous dogs, for heaven’s sake, and let’s start getting really nasty with the dangerous humans”. He describes the owners as dangerous and criminals. Simon do not like the dogs, he describes them as repulsive animals. He criticizes the government by saying that they should not have a dangerous dog’s act, but a dangerous human’s act.

Bernard Hogan Howe says that we should focus on how the dogs are raised and if the dogs are killing or attacking someone they should be put down. And of course they should be put down if they assaulted someone, no matter what breed they are. That is a good idea but the dogs like the pit-bull, who have the power to do serious damage must be muzzled, even if they never done anything wrong. Because if a little dog like a Chihuahua attacks someone, the risk of getting mortally injured is very low compared with an assault of a pit-bull. Victoria Stilwell means that the solution of the dangerous dog’s problem is that you should be very careful about buying a dog, and do not but it from any backyard breeders, or any ads in the newspaper, but go to a licensed breeder or a dog rescue home. And do not let little kids play with your dog. That is very sensible but it do not prevent the dogs that are already attacking people, continue they behavior. Simon Heffer believes that behind every dangerous dog there is a dangerous human, and all illegal dogs are owned by criminals. He does not care much about killing the dogs but instead go for the owners of the dogs. Of cause we should look at the owners but to think that all illegal dogs are dangerous and the owners criminal, is to overreact. Possibly a big part of the owners of a illegal dog is criminals, but do not blame the noncriminal owners.

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