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Dances With Wolves Essay

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Dances with Wolves

Tera Butler

ENG225- Introduction to film

Professor Daniel Burrello

February 8, 2015

Dances with Wolves

Westerns are stories of life and adventure in the American West a time period and way of life everyone should reflect on. Dances with Wolves(1990) is one of the most truth brought forward Westerns of our time, as it explores the ending of the Civil war and the embarks on the New Frontier that ultimately changed the way of life for most all Native Americans. This film is compiled with drama, love, loyalty, courage, and racism all with lasting impact on its audience. Directed by Kevin Costner in a ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately he turns his back on the whites and continues on as a Lakota member and carries their given name "Dances with Wolves". This film is presented chronologically for the most part with an exception to the flash back of how the white woman came to live with Lakota tribe; this effect contributed greatly to the build of beauty and loyalty of the entire story. The plot to this amazing film is built around the courage and desperation of a wounded Civil War soldier when he is sent on an assignment to build a ready post for the incoming union soldiers in an untamed Indian infested territory only to find upon arrival that there was no post at all, only a dilapidated building and infested waters. In his attempt to ready this post he has no interaction with people, no dialogue, until some curious critters and Indians come to see the changes and meet the white man. The solider becomes friends and is invited back to the tribe to meet the chief after he finds a mourning widow white Indian woman and attempts to return her to the tribe. The building process takes him on the journey that becomes a love story and he turns his back on his own people.
Dances with Wolves has several themes that give a message to be taken away from the film. The major themes of the film Dances with Wolves are loyalty and betrayal, racism, and love and friendship. The theme of this movie really gives the viewer a lot of insight into becoming a better human being.
In the beginning of the film the cinematography gives us the visual data needed to assume that all the soldiers and the medical personnel are exhausted from a long battle. When the doctors take a break from amputating Lt. Dunbar’s foot it gives him a moment to think, and in that moment he decided it was not going to happen. He then heads back out into the field with fellow comrades and is then told that no one knows what to do to end this stand off because nobody will be the first to cross the field. Lt. Dunbar then makes the crazy decision to end it all, his life included if need be, and he mounts the closest horse and bolts across the field being shot at and missed multiple times. With the general watching, a distraction has been created by the Lt. and his fellow soldiers’ blaze in and conquers the enemy while they are over focused on taking out the suicide rider. The General dubs Lt. Dunbar a hero and rewards him with his own personal surgeon, his brave horse “Cisco”, and re-stationed anywhere he chooses. This entire scene builds up the loyalty of the U.S. military toward the Lt. for his service and bravery and for his loyalty to the Army. The lighting in this scene is very smoky like tired old gun smoke from the muzzleloader blasts back and forth, but this gives us an idea of the loyalty he displays by pulling on his boot and making one last go at it in spite of the pain and exhaustion.
Another great example of loyalty in this film is when the peasant hunter and Lt. Dunbar arrive at the abandoned and...

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