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Dance Critique Essay

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Jessica Osteen
Dance critique
April 15, 2012

One of the dance shows that I attended was a dance concert, on March 31, 2012. A dance show that was put on by dance faculty staff and students and I must say, I really enjoyed myself. Upon entering the theatre, I was a little nervous because I knew that my friends would be performing and I remembered them talking about how excited and anxious they all were. But once I sat down and got settled, as darkness filled the room, and the lights lit up the stage, I knew that it would be an awesome performance.
As I looked up, I saw a group of students dancing, not all in unison, but of different beats and different movements. They were dressed in very elegant purples and reds, dancing, smiling, and ...view middle of the document...

In another scene, everything seemed to be more upbeat. There were bright colors and the music and tempo of the performance was of a faster pace and everyone seemed to be in sync with each other.
Between the different scenes described previously, each performance displayed a different style. For the first scene described, it seemed to me like a mix of styles. I felt a little ethnic vibe and modern dance style intertwined together to form an interesting yet pleasing performance. Following, I feel like there was a message of love displayed through a contemporary style of dance. It was very convincing and fun to go along with. It was like reading a book or watching a movie. Except for this, the movement and music was telling the story. In addition to the love scene being convincing, I believe that the following scene was just as convincing. Even though the message of the performance was not as easily understood, I feel as though the performance was so captivating and alluring, that it drew the audience in and kept us focused on what the piece was trying to display. Lastly, the final piece was easily recognized of a jazz influence. The smooth melody of the music gave immediate jitter and movement through my body. It was like I knew what was coming before the dancers presented themselves on stage. The performance was fun to watch and a real pleasure to witness.
My favorite performance was the performance that was the most captivating to me. It was very slow but the movement seemed to be so convincing. It made me wonder what was going to happen next. I felt like I could feel the pain and emotion of the dancers. As silly as it may sound, whatever they were feeling and going through, even though I had no idea what it was, I felt like I could help them get through it.

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