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Dal Tile Research Paper

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“Why Dal-Tile, Inc. is a Good Company to Work For”
Carolena Brown
Prairie View A&M University
Dr. Dyck, Human Resource Management
May 1, 2014

What makes a great place to work? There are many ways to evaluate a workplace, but in my opinion, a great place to work is one that motivates the passion of workers and releases their talent. People always aim to work for companies in which they feel important. Not all companies are a great place to work. But there are a few. A great place to work doesn’t always revolve around perks and benefits. It’s not all about the bonuses and pay. Most employees want to feel happy for being respected by their bosses, confident in their job and ...view middle of the document...

The company's products go to market through three distinct channels: company-operated sales service centers, independent distributors and home center retailers. To best serve the unique needs of each of these channels, the company operates three strategic business units: Dal-Tile, American Olean and Home Center Services. According to a general organizational chart obtained from the company’s website, there are categorized levels at the corporate level. For example: the CFO of Dal-Tile, Mike McGlothin, reports to the president. There are many Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents who reports to the Human resource and the Chief Information officer. The Chief Information Officer then reports to the President. They also have companies in Mexico as well. Dal-Tile has recently gone through some strategic structural changes that the organization needed to provide positive impact on the company.
The company is steadily growing, On October 25, 2013 ,Dal-Tile Corporation, announced it completed the integration of the U.S. business of The Marazzi Group, which was acquired by Mohawk Industries, Inc. ( As the company is progressively growing, upper management has placed operational responsibility and decision making down to the local line managers. This enables the company to react better to each market, and it also allows corporate managers to concentrate on strategic and long-term planning. In allowing lower line managers to become more involved in the company’s growth efforts, they formed an environment in which everyone feel accountable for the company’s performance. This gave the company more employees and more responsibilities to handle. The company operates more on a Product Divisional structure than anything else. According to Practical Management, (2009), “ divisional structure the teams are organized in set of divisions, where each division corresponds to the end products or services provided by the organization”. Dal-Tile works best with this type of structure because it provides them with a clear connection between expense and profit for each division within the company. Since they have some many changes in the manufacturing business it provides them the ability to respond rapidly to external changes and make divisional decisions best for their competitive environment (Practical Management, 2009).
At Dal-Tile, I was given the opportunity to speak with a couple of employees to ask them questions, one question I asked was, what is most valued in the company? Surprisingly, the answers were very much the same. Simon a line manager, said he values the amount of opportunity he has available to him. He also appreciates the support that the employer provides him, not just with pay, but with leadership training, knowledge and an understanding of what his job involves and how it can best be accomplished. He values a structure that recognizes achievements. When speaking with the interviewer she explained that Dal-Tile values mostly...

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