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Da Vinci's Painting Essay

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Oscar Wilde is famous for his claim “All art is quite useless”. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?
“All art is quite useless” is a line from Oscar Wilde’s <The Picture of Dorian Gray >. When Wilde wrote this book at that time, it was when people were obsessed with practicality, with everything needing to have a purpose beyond itself. He suggested that art doesn’t need any purpose; it doesn’t have any further use. It ...view middle of the document...

But just from these reasons it is hard for me to decide whether art is useless.

I thought deeper and began to understand why Wilde quoted that “All art is quite useless”. It is because art on its own has no value. Art has value only when we give it value. The value is what reflects on ourselves when we look at art. Besides the reflection of the looker-on, artists also give value to the art they create; the inspiration that determines them to create the art. Moreover, art moves emotions of livings and takes us to different places in our minds. It can help people to escape reality for just a moment and provides therapy to some. Are these reasons not enough to say that art is actually useful?

In Wilde’s world, art may not be useful to him but it is absolutely useful in today’s world. Art allows the creativeness inside us to come out which one needs to survive in a society. Many jobs require people with multiple abilities, experiences and also creativity. So I think art is very useful in our time. Though, I still cannot make up my mind to go for or against Wilde’s quote for it is not exactly useful or useless. Let’s just say it is a gray area between useful and useless.

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