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D1 – Evaluate The Impact Of War, Conflict And Terrorism On One Uk Public Service

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Short paragraph about what counter terrorism measures are available in the UK.
Financial measures are often used as very simple mechanisms to describe the performance of an investment. They are easily calculated and used to camper year on year results and to set morns for particular investment. However the investment cannot be decided by only one measure also the nature of investment must be taken to the account as it can be different at the risks that might be involved in the investment. The terrorists taking advantage of the charities by knowing the true beneficiary of transactions, especially cross-border transactions, and the fact that terrorism often involves relatively small ...view middle of the document...

The actions taken include the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Undercover operations by public services personnel is a planned activity involving many people performing various actions like rescue operations.
Training for attacks including biological and chemical attack is important for the services as they would be able to deal with any unexpected disaster scenarios, of which a terrorist attacks is just one of them. This also includes practising a combined services response to throes unexpected attacks or disasters.
Threat assessments is the realistic evaluation of where a terrorist attack about to happen which mostly concentrates on targets and assesses likely suspects. The place where the attack might happen is more dependent on the information collected by the public services and intelligence.
Control of migration and bogus asylum seekers shows that terrorists outside our notion to target us. As the London bombings showing that the terrorists are more likely to be British citizens as foreign nationals. However the controlling entry into UK of individuals who may pose a threat would be sensible precaution.
Maintaining security of public buildings which is specified for a government office or airport would be harder target for terrorists to reach and destroy the building. As the building would have to include banning certain substance, such as liquids at airports, installing barricades, increased security personnel, CCTV and identity checks for visitors.
Tensions between freedom of speech and other human rights...

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