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D1 Evaluate The Impact Of Social Inequalities In Society

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Evaluate the impact of social inequalities in society.
In this task there will be a discussion on the impact of social inequalities in society. I will explain how the different social groups’ including religion, ethnicity, age and gender can benefit the society but also face difficulties in terms of health and well being.
Lower class people who are unemployed and depend on the government to support themselves live a poorer quality of life. This has a huge effect on levels of health and well being. For example, overcrowding in a home can affect health of an individual. The overcapacity of people living under the same roof creates respiratory infections from bacteria and dirt. This ...view middle of the document...

It is said that Curries and Chinese takeaways are as popular as fish and chips. Linking to ethnicity the Asian origin value family relations and it is common for three or four generations to be living under the same roof. However, this does not affect their health and well being as such. Although an influence leading to effects of health and well being is Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine contains many saturated fats from butter, lard and ghee and curries containing lots of oil. Individuals who are living a poorer quality of life may find that their diet includes a lot of saturated fat as it maybe cheaper and easier to get hold of. Eating a lot of saturated fat can increase the cholesterol in the blood. High levels of cholesterol can increase risk of heart disease which includes: heart attack, stroke or narrowed arteries (atherosclerosis). Unfortunately, the overwhelming emphasis on the role of saturated fats in the diet and the risk of CAD has distracted investigators from studying any other effects that individual saturated fatty acids may have on the body. Though, a long term effect to intake of too much saturated fat is obesity. This has an affect and...

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