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D1 Analyse How Cultural Variation Can Influence Communication

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D1 - Analyse how cultural variation can influence communication
The handshake is used in England as a gesture. This gesture is used in England as a form of a greeting between two people. This is for when they engages with each other. The handshake may also be used when a deal is made between two parties on something.
This influences communication in a positive way as these two parties are interacting with one another and also getting along with each other. If they get along with each other, it will create effective communication as when a service user and a care worker handshake, neither of them will get offended in anyway which helps them cooperate and network with each other ...view middle of the document...

This results into effective communication as both parties would understand the meaning of a handshake and will not get insulted in any way.
Finally in Saudi Arabia or Thailand, touching women in anyway even in a handshake is known as poor manners and would suggest other things like sexual attraction. Instead of handshaking women, people usually tend to just nod their heads to greet each other. This would have a negative influence on communication as people or care workers from England would not be able to handshake women. If they mistakenly do this, then the service user would get offended and insulted as it is prohibited. This would affect communication as good communication is not maintained because the service user will be annoyed.
Eye contact
In England, eye contact is generally maintained during conversations to show interest and understanding, but not to the point of staring. Also looking away when an elder is speaking is usually viewed as disrespectful and insulting. Eye contact influences communication in a positive way as if eye contact is maintained throughout a conversation, it shows interest of what is being said by the other party and that everything being said is processed and understood. However, this may influence communication negatively as if eye contact at times is broken when an older person is speaking to you, then it would be seem as the person is trying to be disrespectful.
In other cultures such as in countries such as China and Japan, eye contact is not considered an essential to social interaction, instead it is often considered inappropriate. It is known that in China and Japan, people shouldn’t make steady eye contact with their superiors because it is often shown to be disrespectful. For example, students shouldn’t make eye contact with their professors; instead they should look down when they are being spoken to as a sign of politeness and respect. Eye contact influences communication in China and Japan negatively because it is inappropriate and would often be illustrated as rude, offending and also disrespectful. This is bad for communication as the service user would be unwilling to communicate further if they feel like they are being disrespected.
In African and also Latin American cultures intense eye contact is seen as aggressive, confrontational and extremely disrespectful. They don’t often make eye contact; rather they look in another direction than making direct eye contact. Eye contact influences communication negatively in these cultures because if it is made by the care worker to a service user that was from these...

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