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Cyberspace Is Evaluated With Reference To One's Identity. The Essay Is Suppurted With Text Evidence From Turkle

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Cyberspace and IdentityIdentity is viewed as the combination of one's original characteristics. Identity is also viewed as one's inner-self; unique, liberated, and unaffected by outside influence. Often, but falsely, the inner-self is viewed as Freud described it, as one complete idea that does not hold conflicting or contradicting ideals. Recently, research has been conducted illustrating that one's identity does not have to be unitary. Not only is it normal and acceptable to have an inner-self that is multifaceted, it is also psychologically healthy as a versatile identity allows one to experiment with forms of personal expression. This topic "of identity in terms of multiplicity and ...view middle of the document...

Between the ages of fifteen and eighteen teenagers are forced to experiment and learn from mistakes as they struggle to discover their core self. Social life is often, unjustly, what can 'make or break' one's high school experience. Cliques and stereotypes are created and people form groups as a type of defense mechanism, not wanting to stand alone. Members of a clique or group often spend recreational time together and take on outer characteristics of each other; they may watch the same shows on television, play the same sports, or participate in the same extracurricular activities. Although the friendships formed may be genuine, being a member of a clique often creates an issue; identity is diverse and cannot be molded into one persona. "The adolescent falls in and out of love with people and ideas." Individuals can retain friendships when differences exist, but often at a time when one is unsure of himself he will take on the characteristic of a lemming following the actions of those about him eliminating existing differences. This is a contributing factor to the troubles of adolescence as the confining of one's identity into a set mold can lead to depression and other psychological disillusions common during the teen years as one is not truly aware of his identity.How does one find a practical philosophy to self knowledge and true identity? Depending on the person, different steps need to be taken. Some individuals are strong enough not to be affected by the outside and can balance their conflicting interests or identities with ease. However many are intimidated by the idea that more exists within themselves than they are ready to admit. People are often satisfied when they identify a single interest or develop a consistent personality description. However as Turkle contends, the multifaceted identity offers many benefits, the only possible loss being one's inhibitions. Individuals who cannot combine the two portions of their personality and incorporate them into their daily life easily have another opportunity: the internet.Technology provides many individuals the opportunity to play with their identity, but this identity play needs to be a conscious effort. The internet is a complex system that ties people to technology; it also lets people explore the multiplicity of their personality. The current group of teens and young adults, the members of Generation Y, were raised with the common use of the internet in the home. Many of them surfed through chat rooms as children; there they would make on-line friends or simply play computer games against one another. They could be who they wanted to be, say what they wanted to say, and not worry about the ridicule of their peers. Did this help them shape their identity any better? Arguably, Generation Y has a deep understanding of themselves. And even if a disagreement does exist, it is fact that Generation Y has been better exposed to the multifaceted identity. This is because the multifaceted...

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