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Cybercrime: Impact On Today’s World Essay

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The growth of the internet in the modern world has seen every sector of the society embrace the use of Information and communication technologies (ICTs). This has spurred the demand for internet and computer connectivity. Today, virtually all modern services depend on the use of ICTs. The growth of ICTs has led to the increase of various opportunities in every sector that has been touched by its tentacles for example access to information within a touch of a button, efficiency in service delivery by the various organizations using ICT among other great advantages derived from using ICT. However, the growth of the information society has been followed by new and serious threats each day. ...view middle of the document...

Besides, this could include, altering or misusing existing system tools or software packages by altering writen code for fraudulent purposes. Cybercrime (2012) has also argued the possibility of altering or manipulating electronic images, for instance, pictures, which can be applied as evidence in a court of law.

Jewekes (2006) assesses that, there has been a subsequent debate attempting to justify the validity of offensive content as part of Cybercrime. For the last one decade, the world has been evolving to embrace a rapid social media, with websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn registering billions of users. However, attackers and scammers have utilized this opportunity to harm innocent users against proper web usage. A common form of offensive content is pornography, alongside, hate speech, racism and blasphemy (Greene, 2014).

In conclusion, it is necessary to enroll combative systems, which will counter Cybercrime. Woollacott (2007) argues that, while it is evident that previous criminal instances in relation to Cybercrime focused entirely on information related malpractices, recently, the presence of the radical activities, for example racism, pornography etc, has...

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