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Cybercrime Essay

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With everything in society advancing rapidly, it should be of no surprise that technology is now used to commit crimes against other people. Those crimes include identity theft, stealing money, illegal gambling, and cyberstalking. This paper will review cybercrime and the differences there are from traditional crime and it will review the purpose of hackers. There will also be three cases reviewed to help bring light to what kind of cybercrimes are being committed around the world.

Differences between Cybercrime and Traditional Crime

For an individual to fully understand the difference between cybercrime and traditional crime, the individual needs to understand what ...view middle of the document...

Purposes of Hacking

Hacking dates back to the 1950's. This is long before the birth of the internet. Hacking began as a method or searching for shortcuts when encountering a computer issue. According to "Marriam Webster" (2014), A hacker is "a person who secretly gets access to a computer system in order to get information, cause damage" (para. Hacker). Today hacking of often referred to a person wanting to cause havoc in a computer or many computer systems for a reason. Hacking has evolved over the years. In the beginning, hacking was often used to prank, cause mischief and curiosity. Hacking today has grown very large and has been categorized into the types of hacking. Although hackers use different methods of accessing unauthorized information, the most common reason for doing such things is for financial gain.

Kevin Mitnick vs the USA

Kevin Mitnick began hacking at an early age of 12.  As this age he began making punch cards for the Los Angeles transit authority. Mitnick also joined a phone phreak gang which conducted many pranks. The group discovered a way to take over the telephone directory assistance and prank incoming callers. The group also changed the status of home phones to payphone status. A home telephone user would attempt to use the telephone but a recording would request the user to deposit twenty cents.  The group accessed a San Francisco based company and destroyed files. More than a year later, this crime was unsolved. It was not until a member's girlfriend went to the police.  This led to the arrest of Kevin Mitnick, age 17, and other members of the group.

Mitnicks streak of hacks has landed him in jail multiple times throughout his hacking spree. At the age of 16, Mitnick accessed a computer manufacturing company and sold their software. He went on the run for several years by accessing companies via computers to produce identity documents. He was not convicted of these crimes. He was eventually arrested for hacking into Nokia and Motorola and convicted. This arrest landed him in jail for four and-a-half years before being brought to trial. Upon his release in 2000, he was restricted from using any communications technology which was more advanced than a wired home phone. Mitnick contested this ban and won. He now owns Mitnick Security Consulting LLC.

The RBS World Pay servers

WorldPay is a Payment Card Industry that helps businesses in payments processing. WorldPay headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia and have...

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