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Cyberbullying Vs. Bullying Essay

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The emergence of information and communication technological tools and techniques have enabled people to do things differently as compared to how these things were done prior to the Digital Age. There is a saying that goes "the more things change, the more they remain the same" and in this instance, things never really changed despite the technological innovations. Take for instance one of the dreads of any primary, secondary or college student – or anyone for that matter who has fallen prey, bullying; before the Internet and computers, this deviant act is a form of abuse and normally done by stronger person on weaker ones. The goal of bullying is usually to make the weaker person do ...view middle of the document...

In another case, a freshman from Rutgers University, Tyler Clementi jumped to his death after two classmates allegedly used a webcam to secretly watch him during a gay dorm-room encounter, and the two were charged with invasion of privacy. (Billitteri 2010) Both of these cases fall under the category of conventional bullying and cyberbullying, respectively; however, the methods of abuse and harassment differ but the motives were the same.
Indeed, both bullying and cyberbullying are menaces to society and are simply an illogical and irrational act of the more powerful against the weak. The rise of a number of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook have given further rise to the availability of new avenues to conduct cyberbullying. For instance, the media have tied MySpace to a variety of societal ills, such as harassment, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, alcohol and drug abuse, hate crimes, planned or executed bombings, planned school shootings, suicide, and murder (Hinduja and Patchin 2010). From what it seems,...

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