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Cyberbullying Essay

639 words - 3 pages

Informative Speech Outline
Name- Cayla Kiger

Specific Purpose- I will be informing you about cyber bullying

Central Idea- I will be informing you about what cyber bullying actually is, the causes of cyber bullying, and the effects its has on people.


I- “Around 1 in5 kids have been cyber bullied. That 1 in 5 may be your friends, your siblings, or even you.” (Cyber bullying Stats 1).

II. As the majority of my audience “think” they know what cyber bullying is, I am here to inform you all exactly what its and the causes and effects it has on people

III. Speaking of cyber bulling who would know more about it than someone who has actually gone through it themselves? I was cyber bullied as a early teen, therefore I am a very credible source to be informing you about cyber bullying.

IV. I am informing my audience about cyber bulling and about its causes and effects it has on people.

A). Cyber bulling is defined as the use ...view middle of the document...

B). Asynchronic cyber bullying is delayed.
1). Asynchronic is like Myspce, Facebook or Emails (Admin 1).

Transition- Now that I have told you what cyber bullying is I would like to inform you of the causes of cyber bullying.

II. The motivation of cyber bullying is sometimes out of anger, revenge or frustration.

A). Many people do it for the enjoyment of the reaction of the victims.
1). Many people like to see their victims in pain.(“Cyber Bulling” 2)

B). Some people do it because they think its funny.
1.) Some people get enjoyment out of peoples pain. (“Cyber Bulling” 2)

Transition- Now that I have informed you about the causes of cyber bullying I am going to inform you of the effects it has on people.

III. The effects of cyber bullying are very significant.

A.) Some victims experience depression, low self-esteem, or poor performance in school.
1). Some kids actually end up dropping out of school or transferring schoolsl.

B). Cyber bullying can also affect some of the bullies themselves.
`1). Bullies sometime suffer from depression and guilt,

C.) Sometime cyber bullying can cause suicide.
1). Megan Meier committed suicide due to being cyber bullied (“Cyber Bulling Statistic” 1).

Transition- Now I have told you all about cyber bullying.


I. So in conclusion I have informed you of what cyber bullying really is, the causes for cyber bullying and the effects it has on people.

II. Cyber bullying does not only effect the bullies and the victims but also the loved ones involved.

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