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For over a decade, the concept of cyber warfare (computer warfare) has bee embedded i military doctrine. I 2000 the Defece white paper stated a ambition to repond to cyber warfare attacks. The 2007 Defence Update went further by calling for a focus on 'cyber warfare' to protect 'national networks and deny information'. The most recent Defence White Paper in 2009 also announced a 'major enhancement of Defence's cyber warfare maximise Australia's strategic capacity and reach in this field'.

Given the rate of technological change and the number of system vulnerabilities discovered every day, the ADF's cyber capabilities will require dedicated and constant attention. This will be difficult to achieve and sustain if the ADF has not fully defined what it means by cyber warfare and how it will be used to serve Australia's interests.

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The ADF's ability to respond to cyber security events has matured since the 2009 launch of DSD's Cyber Security Operations Centre, which is Australia's senior cyber security agency, tasked with identifying and responding to cyber threats of national importance. However, cyber security is just one of a quartet of capabilities required to conduct cyber warfare.

The first of these three other capabilities is the ability to conduct offensive cyber attacks or counter-attacks with the intention of damaging, disrupting or gaining unauthorised access to another state's civilian and/or military computer systems, information networks and critical infrastructure.

The second is to develop a strong cyber deterrence posture to discourage an enemy from attacking by denying them success or punishing them in kind. Thirdly, there are also the obvious strategic and national security benefits from being able conduct all forms of strategic and day-to-day business operations even when under sustained cyber attack through steadfast cyber-resilience.

Effective cyber resilience means the ADF will have the ability to not only absorb an enemy's cyber-attacks and continue to operate critical systems, but also to have the ability to conduct offensive cyber attacks to reduce the number of attacks against critical ADF and Australian information systems.


?We can increase our defenses to prevent future all out cyber warfare
?Using Cyber Warfare we can obtain critical information on our enemies
?New job opportunities in the IT world in this field, especially for military
?The future of warfare could see a change from metal to data packages being used as "bullets"


?We need to be very careful how and were we put data on the web
?The US is attacked millions of times daily.
?If someone were to break through our cyber security it could have a huge impact
?It could take hours to days to fix a breach in security

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