Cyber Security: Physical And Digital Security Measures

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Cyber Security: Physical and Digital Security Measures

Due to the issues associated with cyber security and the appropriate application thereof, this paper will strive to address different cybersecurity measures that may be employed, both physically and digitally. It will identify what cyber security is, measures that may be taken, the tools needed to ensure implementation, and provide information regarding the different resources and programs necessary to work to effect greater success in the application thereof.
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By working to ensure that any digitized system is secure, or as secure as possible, an organization is able to not only work to increase its overall competitive advantage, but decrease the likelihood of hits to its reputation, sabotage, and a PR nightmare at the very least.
What is Cyber Security?
“Cyber space is a virtual unowned computer creation, which requires a high level of technical equipment and a good information infrastructure. This space without national boundaries simultaneously coexists with a real space in order to make collective communication faster and better” (Spalevic, 2014, p. 687). Cyber security is the term used to refer to the securing of information within cyber space. Cyber security works to ensure that “the private data, intellectual property and resources of conventional civilian and military infrastructure” may not be compromised or damaged by deliberate attacks against the system (Spalevic, 2014, p. 687). While it is important to note that no security system is ever 100% secure, the more steps that are taken to work to protect an asset, in this case, information or data, the more secure that asset will be. An individual who does not want their car stolen will lock their car, for as studies have shown, the easier something is to steal, the more likely it is to be stolen; thieves are looking for the quickest and easiest route to obtain the desired target and if a person makes the acquisition of that asset difficult, or at least more difficult than others would, it is the others who are liable to be the target as opposed to those who have taken measures in order to work to further secure themselves from such actions (Beyond Identity Theft, 2014; Small & Burgess, 2004).
This is still a rather nebulous definition, however, looking at only the basic components associated with the concept of cyber security. What cyber security is, however, is a combination of technical tools, physical security measures, digital security measures, an appropriate training program, and top level talent all working on conjunction to be able to stop attacks on personal data in an attempt to keep digitized information as secure as possible, i.e. out of the hands of those who have no legal need for the information or who have not been granted access to that information by the information owner. In order to better understand how such a concept is applied in today’s digitized world, it becomes necessary to first investigate the different components associated with the practices of cyber security. Understanding what those components are and how they operate, at least loosely, is the first step in working to ensure that the organization has the appropriate level of and necessary amount of cyber security present within its organization.
Components of Cyber Security
There are a variety of different components associated with cyber security. As mentioned previously, these include a mix of technical tools, physical and digital security...

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