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Cyber Security: Cyber Terrorism Essay

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Cyber security refers to the practices and processes that are used in technologies such as networks, computers, information and programs from damages by unwarranted entities (Ahmad, Yunos & Sahib, 2012). There are different attacks towards technology which may distort information or be used to create tension in an organization. Information stored in computers has some level of privacy and this depends on the level of sensitivity that such information may have towards that organization. Business strategies, political discussions and government documents are some of the documents that require a higher degree of privacy. However, there are individuals who cause deliberate attacks ...view middle of the document...

Weimann (2004) argues that although there is the existence of cyber insecurity but to classify certain attacks on networks as terrorism is a populist move. This research therefore dwells on discerning the existence of cyber terrorism and how it is different from other forms of cyber attacks.
Cyber terrorism is a major concern with the Information technology sector. The increased synonyms that are associated with this subject are a clear representation of increased concern towards this subject. There are some researches that refer to this subject as either cyber harassment or cyber disruption. These varied synonyms are an indication that there has been more concern from the media and politicians over this subject. Talihärm (2010) indicates that increased activity towards cyber terrorism may lead to a myriad of information but this information could mislead the general public and stakeholders such as the Homeland Security. Weimann (2004) argues that cyber terrorism has been embraced by opportunistic politicians and business people in order to satisfy their own interests. The medium that these opportunists use in order to ensure that they achieve their selfish objectives is through the media. Weimann (2004) uses the 9/11 attack to validate the allegations of opportunists invading the issue of cyber terrorism to fulfill either economic or political interests. Weimann (2004) indicates that after the 9/11, the Bush government created the office of Cyberspace Security. Furthermore, the congress a request of $4.5 billion that was supposed to cater for development of infrastructure that could combat cyber terrorism (Weimann, 2004). However, Brunst (2010) is surprised that America was declared to be a target for cyber terrorism in the early 1990’s (Brunst, 2010). In fact during the presidential campaigns, Bush had indicated that American troops were under-funded in fighting terrorism (Brunst, 2010). During this time, he was not specific about cyber terrorism but came to react after the media had highlighted cyber terrorism as another form of terrorism. Conclusively, Brunst (2010) is on a mission to demystify the public relations that governments and agencies have used in creating confusion in regard to cyber terrorism.
Talihärm (2010) argument is also valid to this research. Talihärm (2010) indicates that most people especially those in the media have confused ‘hacktivism’ with cyber terrorism. Hacktivism is another way through which modern civil rights groups use to demonstrate their frustration with particular operations or conduct of government officials towards societal concerns. These civil right groups use anonymous accounts to disrupt normal operation of government sites. This is meant to create awareness about the issues that they are demonstrating against. For example, the United States was actively involved in the Iraq war and during this time recession was at greater magnitude (Talihärm, 2010). Most Americans could not service...

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