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Cyber Forensics Essay

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Dis c lai m er
• Even though this class touches on quite a few legal topics - nothing should be
construed as advice or legal instruction

• Before performing many of the skills
learned this week on a computer other
than your own, you may need to seek
permission (possibly written) and or
seek advice from your own legal

Whereas computer forensics is defined as
"the collection of techniques and tools used to find evidence in a computer",
digital forensics has been defined as
"the use of scientifically derived and proven methods toward the preservation, collection, validation, identification, analysis, interpretation, documentation, and presentation of ...view middle of the document...

• "academia" is becoming a fourth




Each perspective has different objectives, even though there is overlap, the approaches of each remain mainly ah-hoc and uncoordinated
• Technology is vendor-driven
• No industry certification
• No standards
- ASCLAD - for labs
• Interesting situations with the courtsystem
- Evidence isn't questioned

Coverage from OS perspective

Coverage from OS perspective

• Windows
- 95% of cases involve Windows (FBI)
- Topics
• File systems: FAT & NTFS
• Multiple tools:
- Commercial
- Freeware
» Windows & Linux
• Live response
• Network forensics

Topics we will cover

• We're going to start by establishing a basis for
- Hexadecimal notation
- Traditional "post-mortem" forensics
• Duplication
• Analysis
• File systems
• Footprints
• Etc
• Then build upon this foundation and explore other
• Generally speaking, if you don't know how a
particular tool is working 'behind the scenes' you
might not be able to hold weight on the witness14
stand (or corporate report, or ____ )

Cybercrime &

• "Information warfare specialists at
the Pentagon estimate that a
properly prepared and well-
coordinated attack by fewer than
30 computer virtuosos strategically
located around the world, with a
budget of less than $10 million,
could bring the United States to its
Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) 15

Cybercrime &

• "Such a strategic attack, mounted
by a cyberterrorist group, either
substate or nonstate actors, would
shut down everything from electric
power grids to air traffic control

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) 16

Scope of the Problem

• In1990 a computer hard drive seized in
a criminal investigation would contain
approximately 50,000 pages of text

• The same hard drives now contain 5
million to 50 million pages of data.

- But the ability of these agencies to retain
computer talent is seriously jeopardized by
the compensation packages offered by the
private sector.

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) 17

Computer Crime

• Sample of computer crimes from 2001

- Demoted employee installs a logic bomb,
which later deactivates hand-held
computers used by the sales force.
- eBay

• User advertises goods, but on receiving payment
never ships the goods.
• Advertised collectibles turn out to be fakes
- Disgruntled student sends threatening
emails, leading to school closing down.
- Ring of software pirates use web site to
distribute pirated software
S t ephens on, 2001. 18

Computer Crimes


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