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Cyber Crime In The World Essay

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Daniel L. Doyle

Excelsior College

Computer technology has brought us into an era that is no longer controlled by man but instead is reliant upon computers due to their inconceivable capabilitiesComputer technology has brought us into an era that is no longer run by man but instead is dependent on computers due to their incredible capabilities. Ross, Staples, and Udall (2009) noted one of the many approaches to enable businesses and individuals to protect themselves from the ever-increasing amount and range of cybercrime is by education of future computing professionals (p229). As a result of the introduction of computers, society has climaxed in ...view middle of the document...

Along with the introduction of the computer a new form of crime was born. These crimes are referred to as cyber crimes or computer crimes. They are varied with some being a lot more serious than others. Cyber crime refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. Computer crimes can involve criminal activities including ,sexual predation, espionage, financial theft, fraud, forgery, mischief, and other cross-border crimes; all which are easily defined and subject to criminal prosecution. Along with computer crime, the computer has also brought a host of potentially new misuses or abuses that may, or should be against the law as well.These crimes, referred to as cyber crimes or computer crimes are varied with some being a lot more serious than others. Computer crimes can involve criminal activities such as sexual predation, theft, fraud, forgery and mischief, all which are easily defined and subject to criminal sanctions. The computer has also brought along with it a host of potentially new misuses or abuses that may, or should be criminal as well.
The problems with today’s computer crimes are that the criminal justice systems have not been able to keep up with the technological changes. Only a few countries have adequate laws to address deal with the problem, and of these, not one has addressed all the legal, enforcement and prevention problems. The problem with the legal system is that it has always been a system with limits. The system mainly deals with physical items as its central core. But with the newfound understanding of the value of data, the system came up with intellectual property as a means to cover these intangibles. Snow (2011) the Assistant Director, Cyber Division Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stated, “Cyber threats affect every single one of us in some shape or form”. Cyber crime is not just the typical hacker trying to put a virus on your computer or steal your personal information. but also Ccomputers are also being used by sexual predators to locate possible victims and by gangs to bully internet users in online extortion scams. We have called on the legal system to settle the matter but no one really knows what the rules are. The FBI is at the forefront trying to combat cyber crime and has over 92 different tasks forces around the country scanning the internet locating these criminals”. Technology is growing much to fast for the legal system to keep pace with. In an effort to manage these crimes, federal and state governments have passed laws criminalizing unauthorized access and data transmission. Many groups have called for laws, regulations, and constitutions to regulate the electronic field. These efforts have been ineffective thus far.
There is a huge confusion on the value of data and information. Schaeffer, Chan and Ogulnick (2009) “stated cyber crime is on the rise everywhere. On average, there has been a reported cyber security event every single day since...

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