Cyber Crime Essay

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Cyber Crime
Erika Moore
CRJU 5500-02F

What is cybercrime and how can someone get caught in participating in a cybercrime? Cybercrime any kind of crime committed via the internet or on a computer network.  Cybercrime can be anything from hate crimes, telemarketing and Internet fraud, identity theft, to credit card account thefts. All are considered to be cybercrimes when the illegal activities are committed through the use of a computer and the Internet.
How bad could cybercrime really be? “Cybercrime is a type of crime that not only destroys the security system of a country but also its financial system.” (Real Cost of Cyber Crime) Cybercrime is the type of crime that is hard to ...view middle of the document...

Other cybercrimes like telecommunication piracy, offensive material dissemination, and other cyber frauds also belong to this category. The person who changes the source code on the website or any computer program also known as a computer source document tamper will get a punishment up to 3 years of imprisonment or fine. The individual who hacks the computer or computer devices will get an imprisonment up to 3 years or a fine. An act of trying to gain access to a system which is a protected system by the government, will result in imprisonment for 10 years and a heavy fine.” (Real Cost of Cyber Crime) They came out with an Act in 2000 called the Information Technology Act-2000 showing the different penalties for the different cybercrimes.
What makes cybercrime laws so difficult to enforce? Before anyone can discover what crime has been committed they have to determine where and who the criminal is before they can even make an arrest. (What Makes Cybercrime Laws so Difficult to Enforce) This is the major problem with online crime because there is so many ways to hide one’s identity. With all the different IP addresses bouncing off the different towers all over the world it makes it very difficult to track down and find the criminal. After finding out where the cybercrime was committed, they have to determine whether a crime has taken place. After determining that the next step is to determine which law was violated, was it a city ordinance, a state statute, or a federal law. Finding out what geographic jurisdiction is the hardest part because laws differ from state to state and nation to nation. The jurisdictional issue slow down or completely block the enforcement of cybercrime laws. (What Makes Cybercrime Laws so Difficult to Enforce) However, there are attempts being made to help better track online identity. Now we have plenty of laws in books enforcing the matter of cybercrime, but enforcing them is another matter.
In Las Vegas tens of millions of dollars in financial fraud losses each year were attributed to the group of sophisticated criminals. A guy named Carder. Su hosted exclusive websites from Russia where the international members could come together on an online market place to buy and sell stolen identity information such as credit cards and driver’s licenses and they would carry out high-tech fraud schemes. In 2012 the Nevada U.S. attorney’s office obtained four separate indictments charging fifty-five members and associates, including the groups in Russia, in a sweeping racketeering and identity theft conspiracy. The indictments were a result of a four and a half year investigation code name “Operation Open Market”. “The investigation identified large scale trafficking of compromised credit card account data and counterfeit instruments (counterfeit identifications and counterfeit cards), as well as money laundering, narcotics trafficking and various types of computer crime,” (Massive Cybercrime Case Unfolding in Las Vegas)...

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