Cyber Bully Essay

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Cyber – Bullying and its Impact on Kids
Aujah Monique Fedd
CIS 170 – Fall 2011
December 4, 2011

This paper will define and examine the cause and effect of cyber bullying among kids. It will also discuss my plan to spread awareness in schools to the students and parents. In conclusion, it will discuss how to examine the effect of the plan to spread awareness.

Cyber bullying among children and teens is when they threaten, harass, humiliate, torment and embarrass another child or teen. Cyber bullying is done via internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. There are two categories for cyber bullying; direct attacks and cyber bullying by proxy. Direct attacks are sent directly from one kid to another and by proxy is when a third party is used to help cyber bully a victim. This can be done ...view middle of the document...

One student said “it felt like the whole school ganged up on her.” As a result of Phoebe Prince’s suicide, nine teenagers who cyber bullied her were charged with violation of civil rights with bodily injury, statutory rape, assault and criminal harassment (CNN, 2010).
.Plan to prevent and reduce Cyber – Bullying
My plan to prevent and reduce cyber bullying is simply educating children and their parents. I would have schools distribute copies of stories about victims of cyber bullying, like Phoebe Prince, and have the students read them for homework and discuss what they read in class. Not only would this make them aware of the issue but they would be more likely to discuss it with their parents and this would also give the teachers a chance to document the kid’s perspective. Understanding how kids feel will help to understand why the bullying happens in the first place.
I think the best was to examine the effectiveness of my plan is by the feedback that comes from the kids. It’s important to listen to what they have to say and document it to get to the root of the problem. But, the reality is that bullying will never stop completely but hopefully my plan could at least eliminate suicides as a result of cyber bullying.

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