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Cyber Attack Prevention Essay

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Cyber-Attack Prevention
As cyber-criminals become cleverer with the cybercrimes, more and more individuals are in danger of a cyber-attack. The threats become more intense and damaging as technology grows. Often times, home users think computing and surfing the Internet is safe when at home. It is a necessity to be aware of the prevention methods whether at home or at work. To further the comprehension of cyber-attack prevention, an article is chosen and an evaluation is the article. The evaluation of an article will include a stance on the quality of the material, selections of various aspects, descriptions of each aspect, reasons for an individual viewpoint, and an example.
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The home user needs to understand the importance of cyber-attack prevention and the few simple steps that can occur to help prevent cyber-criminals from accomplishing cyber activities. By simple understanding terms, such as network intrusion prevention and network detection systems, the home user is one step closer to cyber-attack prevention. The prevention system has several functions. The functions include blocking malicious code, not blocking legitimate traffic while blocking malicious code, and remain scalable (Damico, 2009). In addition to intrusion prevention, home users should familiarize the techniques and tricks that hackers’ use (Damico, 2009). A couple of the tricks and techniques are as follows:
o Scanning systems seeking the vulnerabilities to gain access.
o Searching for operating vulnerabilities.
The article emphasizes the need for home users to keep software up-to-date and to install a firewall. By keeping software up-to-date, the user can keep his or her system in lieu of the new patches. The cyber-attack prevention of updating is simple. If the user does not keep the software up-to-date, a new patch could be created for the software that helps to protect against a current virus, but the software is outdated and the recent virus attacks. The user is...

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