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Cuture Compared To One Hundred Percent American

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America is truly a “melting pot.” coming from Toronto, although not United States land, they are very similar, and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I experience this blending of cultures everyday. And having attended a nearly all white school when I was younger, I vastly prefer high school which was a mix of latinos,whites and blacks, where students come from all backgrounds. Some Americans may not be aware of it, but the integration of cultures in America has changed popular culture, music, and daily life for the better. Each culture adds different values and a different perspective to form the entirety that is American life.

On the weekends, my neighbors sometimes decide to serenade the entire block by turning up their traditional Spanish music. I don’t mind, however I am Columbian,but the message that the music delivers is universal. The soulful blend of vocals and acoustic guitar speaks of heartache, while the fiery trumpets and trombones speak of ...view middle of the document...

Not only in film has the merging of different cultural influences benefited Americans. In Ohio, the culinary heritages of the world converge. As a lover of unique foods, I am grateful for this diversity.

Underneath every culture, the people remain the same; they experience the same tragedies, sufferings, and triumphs that every other person does. But each culture offers a new perspective, a new lifestyle, that when experienced can expand our own knowledge and familiarities; in the process we become more empathic, and we mature as citizens of a global community.

After reading the passage, One Hundred Percent American my opinion completely changed as to how other cultures contribute to our society. For one, I never realized how nothing we use in America is actually American. Like Linton pointed out, nothing the man in the story came in contact with came from America. The silk originated in China, towels from Turkey, utensils from Italy, sweeten coffee from India, Oranges from the Mediterranean region and so on. After reading the passage, I could not help but think of America as a mutt. We are mixed in the surrounding culture as well as in the items we eat and use.

Linton’s analysis is structures in a way to show a person’s morning routine. It starts when they wake-up, to getting dressed, taking a shower, having breakfast, going outside in the rain to catch a train where the man is most likely going to work to begin his day on the job. The way Linton wrote the passage in the sense of how an America uses other the items from the different cultures’ made it more effective than just listing out the objects and where they were from. The reality of our mutt society slaps you in the face when you are done reading the passage. When I think about it, it never occurred to me how much the society depends on other countries. A scary thought is how we would fall apart if it were not for the resources from the other places.

The writing of Linton seems as if he is trying to point out the fact that America is not a self-sufficient country. I also sense Linton being sarcastic by explaining everything the man wears, uses, and eats is from a different country. Both of the these tones are evident throughout the passage.

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