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Cutomer Satisfaction Of Private Medical Hospitals And Clinics A Survey On Sylhet

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A business report
Measuring Customer Satisfaction of Private Medical and Clinic-A Survey Study on Sylhet |


Executive summary
In the seminar paper, we have tried to find out the satisfaction level of service taker of private hospital and problem facing by them in Sylhet region. We have collected important data through primary sources i.e. we surveyed regarding the satisfaction level of service taker of private clinic and interviewed many service takers from different private hospitals. We have collected relevant information from the website and journals. Healthcare is treated as one of the top most basic need. Healthcare strategies are vital to the ...view middle of the document...

4 Objective Of the study 03 |
1.5 Methodology of the Study 03-05 |
1.6 Hypothesis 05-06 |
Chapter-Two: Literature Review 07-10 |
Chapter-Three: Data Analysis and Findings 1-26 |
3.1 Data Analysis 11-25 |
3.2 Findings 26 |
Chapter-Four: Recommendation and Conclusion 27 |
4.1 Recommendation 27 |
4.2 Conclusion 27 |
Chapter- Five: Appendix 28-29 |
5.1 Questionnaires 28 |
5.2 References 29 |

Chapter-One: Introduction

* Introduction * Problem Statement * Scope of the Study * Objective of the Study * Methodology of the Study * Hypothesis -------------------------------------------------

1.1 Introduction:
Large segments of the population in developing countries are deprived of a fundamental right: access to basic health care. Without an appropriate and adequate health support and delivery system in place, its adverse effects will be felt in all other sectors of the economy. In simple terms, an ailing nation equates to an ailing economy as manifested in lower income earning capacity of households and significant productivity losses in those sectors that sustain the economy.
Appropriate health care strategies are vital to the ability of Third World countries to achieve other development objectives. While not a sufficient condition for development, it is important to recognize that a healthy population is better disposed to achieve the productivity increases that are needed to sustain continued growth in other sectors of the economy.
In Bangladesh, unfortunately, the health care system is besieged with a variety of problems that signal an impending crisis. With a growing...

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