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Cutco Knife, Presentation, Facts, Talks About The Quality Of The Kinfe. Ideal For Oral Presentation

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The finest Cutlery.Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the disadvantages and advantages of common knives.Central Idea: Cutco knives are designed to exceed the customer's expectations and to out perform the competition.IntroductionI. Have you ever wished for that clean perfect slice of fresh tomato or that dependable knife that will stay sharp for years?II. Are you tired of having to replace your dull, dangerous knives every year and ending up with a drawer that contains a collection of mismatched cutlery?III. As a proud owner of Cutco knives I am here to enlighten you that life in the kitchen can be a lot more enjoyable.IV. Cutco has devoted many years to research, testing ...view middle of the document...

B) Low Grade plastic handles with stainless steel blades are also widespread across Canada.1) Low grade plastic handles are sanitary though they easily crank and break and are cheaply manufactured2) Stainless steel blades resist rusting and corroding but they dull easily. Furthermore serrated edges (show knife) cannot be re- sharpened.(Transition: Now that you are familiar with the disadvantages and advantages of common knives, let's look at the construction of a knife.)II Common knives are typically constructed poorly and cheaply.A) These knives typically consist of a partial tang.B) Usually the knives only have 2 rivets.(Transition: Cutco knives on the other hand are built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.)III Cutco knives include high carbon, stainless steel exclusive double-D edges and were ergonomically designed for the final user. B) Its innovative design protects the blades sharpness.C) The blade provides a smooth and clean cutD) The handle is designed for both small and large hands.E) The handle is composed of thermo-resin material that will not crack, fade or absorb bacteria.F) Cutco knives are composed of 3 rivets and a complete tang.(Transition: Now that you are aware of the different features and on the constructing of the knife, I believe the following presentation will further prove the efficiency of a good knife .)ConclusionI. I hope that you are all now well informed and will make smarter decisions next time you purchase your knives.II. Remember that life in the kitchen can be enjoyable with a high quality set of knives.

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