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Customer Service Trends Essay

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1. Trends in customer service are changing. Many corporations are making personalized customer service an important part of their image. As a marketing intern for a well-known national chain, you have been asked to evaluate these trends. What do customers today expect? How are other national chains capitalizing on these trends? In addition to evaluating the trends, offer recommendations to the company.

A marketing mix focuses on the four p’s. Product, price, place and promotion act together to help reach customers as a unit and independently. The four p’s are used to develop strategies for marketing and when used well, have proven to be successful (Martin, 2014).
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These companies reach their markets through television and print ads and through hospital and doctor recommendations (Stevenson, 2013).


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Marketing strategists agree that the customer’s needs and values are at the center of success for companies and nonprofits. Measuring exact values that accurately depict product benefits is difficult to assess and understanding consumers and how they make decisions and learn is inherently useful. Behavior analysis has been long used to help marketers figure out what is in the minds of customers and do their jobs. Marketing strategies should be planned in accordance with customer’s needs and thinking process. Getting into the minds of buyers and the reasons they use and buy products is crucial in order to accomplish this. Ansoff’s Matrix is one example of market strategy planning and has four parts. Market penetration and attracting customers is step one along with drawing non-users and increasing use from current customers. For example, a business can grow by creating new products that will attract new segments of the marker and diversification is used to enter new markets also. Knowing the learning process of customers enables companies that care about satisfying them to forecast what they will want in the long and short term. Planning ahead with knowledge of how customers think, helps prevent problems and meets needs for businesses. This knowledge keeps them in touch with their customer base. This is call forecasting and some methods are: Examples are: Juries of Executive Opinions, Composites of Salesforce Opinions, and Outside Experts. Quantitative methods in sales forecasting include, test marketing and surveys of customer intentions says Professor Friedman, (2011), of Brooklyn College Business School. Banks have been focuses on improving their mobile communications and improve their websites for smartphones and tablets because...

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