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Hello my name is Hannah Lewis I am currently studying an advanced certificate in Business, as part of my customer service module I have to select a Business and prepare a comprehensive evaluation of its organisational structure and analyse the impact of their customer service principles and practices.
The Business I have Chosen is a Family run Bar and Restaurant Called Teac Sean Ruas. This business is located in a seaside tourist resort in Bundoran Co. Donegal.
In the summer months between June and September is the busiest time for the Bar/Restaurant with tourists coming from all over the world passing through and visiting Bundoran.
This Business depends on the summer ...view middle of the document...

Eamon Mustaffa is in charge of the daily running of the kitchen and its staff, and is answerable to Sean and Anne Mcgarrigle.
Organisational Structures
There are four main Types of Organisational Structures
* Functional
* Product
* Geographic
* Matrix

The Purpose of an Organisational Structure is to show
* Management levels (Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Junior or supervisory Managers)
* Areas of responsibility
* The chain of command ( the way authority is organised)
* Span of control (refers to the number of employees that each manager is responsible for).

Functional Structure
This is the most common form of organisational structure, which divides management responsibilities according to functions: purchasing, producing, Marketing Etc






Benefits of a functional structure
A functional structure groups together employees who are involved in the same type of activity which:
* Builds up skills and expertises in that area of activity
* Allows a wide span of control, which gives a more efficient use of manpower
* Creates a ‘Promotional path’ based on expertise, which motivates employees to improve their expertise.
Disadvantages of a functional structure
Functional departments can become in little worlds of their own, quite isolated from other departments. As a result:
* Employees tend to focus on departmental goals rather than on the overall goals of the company
* Co-ordination and communication between functional departments may not be as good , and this may cause the company to respond poorly to changes such as new competition, new technologies or changes in consumer trend.

Product Structure
A Product Structure is essential in very large companies which produce several quite different products. A separate division is set up to produce and market each major product group. Within each division responsibilities of senior managers are divided along functional lines.


Advantages of a Product Structure
* Allows better communication between different areas of expertise
* Easy to locate all personnel related to each product
* Clear focus on market segments which helps meet customers’ needs
* Enables each product division to respond better to its own customers

Disadvantages of a Product Structure
* In a company as a whole there will be a certain amount of duplication: there may be several marketing teams, each marketing its own product
* There may be poor co-ordination, or even competition,...

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