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Customer Service Plan Essay

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National income figures are used to compare the standard of living between countries and usually income expressed in dollars, however, these figures can be misleading and useless because the exchange rate is set to artificial level.
Many people believed that the camera never lies, however, this is not always the case because making hard to question the evidence before our eyes, is the main property of photography, although snaps bring a feeling of sentimental, a good source of keeping best memories alive.
The idea of plagiarism is undefined in some cultures and periods, therefore, it is hard to consider the Shakespeare’ poetry as a plagiarised, nevertheless, this term becomes more common in academic writings nowadays because of a huge amount of material which ...view middle of the document...

These days, people are exploring more countries than ever before. From my perspectives, I personally adhere to the fact that travel around the country is the best travelling options for both the tourists and the local people.
Tourism is becoming more and more popular and its popularity can be seen worldwide. Travelling around the countries by self is the best way to explore the world because we spent a considerable amount of money on tickets to visit the alien place, it should only be fruitful if we explore it by our self. In this way, we can talk directly to the domestic people and has a greater chance to understand their values and traditions in brief. Furthermore, tourist can make a good relation to the local people and can develop a sense of camaraderie.
In addition to this, the local community will take benefits from tourists. Visitors often buy souvenirs for their families and friends, therefore, tourists give business to the local people. Nonetheless, if tourists only stay at their resort, then there is very less chance to shop in different places because resort’s guides will take you only to those places where they get a commission. To add, local citizens can also have a chance to know the traditions values and customs of other countries which make them visit that country. Therefore, a sense of brotherhood can be developed between two different nations.
To recapitulate, it is an unquestionable fact that the tourism has gone a long way. Various pieces of evidence have been gathered to prove that travelling around the country is the best way to travel as it is beneficial for both the visitors and its local residents. Thereby, it is highly recommended that individuals should travel by their selves to make the trip more memorable.

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