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Customer Service Misc Questions Essay

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Activity 1

We all have fairly specific criteria on which we base a purchasing decision – whether they are conscious or unconscious. Obviously the criteria differ, depending on a number of circumstances, including the type and complexity of the product/ service we purchase. However, regardless of those differences we all have a generalised idea of the standard of product/ service which is acceptable in all situations.

In most cases, when you purchase (i.e. when you are the customer) what key factors determine your purchasing decision – price, safety, quality, packaging convenience, or something else?

A purchasing decision really depends on many things addition to price and quality. ...view middle of the document...

What do you think they are?

A work culture is better, which means its more family oriented. People doing their job with enthusiasm, some even with excitement. Japan has got lower wages, which means companies costs are more likely to be lower. Japan is smaller comparing to USA, which means its more economical and efficient.

What other countries have strong manufacturing/ export interests in the motor vehicle and/ or other manufacturing areas? Name some high profile companies or products. Describe the products offered and explain what, in your opinion, makes them successful and so well known.

Italy – Ferrari. The best quality you can find on these days. The icon of the sports car. The world best engineers find their jobs in this motor vehicle company. People are willing to pay many times more, because these cars are extraordinary – best quality, best design and the brand.
Sweden – IKEA. This furniture manufacturer produces modern, average cost, good quality with a best price. IKEA is orientated to update peoples homes constantly. You will not buy a piece of furniture for your life, instead of that you will update your home in a few years.

Activity 3

Why do you need to know about the different groups who have an interest in an organisation – the stakeholders, shareholders and customers?

Because they all are customers in different point of angle. Stakeholders are the organisation's employees as well as customers, who use the outputs of your organisation's operations. Shareholders are people who own the company, which means a company has to serve their interests. These are groups, who have an interest in the production and delivery of the product or service without necessarily using them, which means a company has to treat them as a customers.

In what ways does the relationship with customers change when the product or service produced by an organisation is sold to a business which sells it on to an end-users – i.e. there is no direct sales contact with the end-users?

These businesses will classified instantly as a customer status. They will be customers from this point now and a manufacturing company has to serve these businesses – has to know exactly what a product has to be to satisfy those business's needs. Also a company has to maintain relationship with end-users to improve it's product or service

Activity 4

How can an organisation encourage customer awareness in employees like cleaners, maintenance staff, storekeepers and pay administrators, whose work never brings them into contact with external customer?

First of all a company has to show internal customers the entire production line and make them understand a product or service. Therefore these customers will make an effort to improve a product . 100% quality must be delivered in order to satisfy customers. Cleaners, maintenance staff, storekeepers and pay administrators are all internal customers. A company has to care of them, i.e. listening their...

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