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Customer Service Indicator (Csi) Essay

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Nett – Promoter Scores & Customer Services Indicator
Can we influence these metrics to our favor?

Done by : Tatum Van Staden

Nett-promoter score (NPS) and Customer Services Indicators (CSI) what are these two measures that we use in the call center and why are they so important to the businesses decision making process .These were some of the questions that led me to selecting NPS and CSI as my benchmarking topics, I wanted to better understand why we as a call center were measured on these aspects and I wanted a better understanding of how both these components worked and not just to see them as performance measures that had to be met because someone said they were important.

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CSI is one of those KPI’s, with the benchmarking criteria for CSI being the following:
1 = <70%
2 = 71% - 80%
3 = 81% - 90%
4 = 91% - 95%
5 = > 95%

The benchmark or minimum criteria being a 3 = 81% - 90% for CSI for the call center to say that our agents are rendering good service. I can’t guess at what CellC’s NPS benchmark is , therefore I would deduce that it would have to be the industry benchmark which is 77.3 as shown in the table below as to internally what CellC scored I can’t say as only executives are privy to that information I have been told.

When looking at Cell C the only company to benchmark ourselves against would be our direct competition which is Vodacom and MTN but for the purposes of this paper I will only be looking at Vodacom.

In an article posted on SACSI website ( on the 4 November 2013 which discusses South Africa’s overall international Customer services rating which was 77.6 out of 100 ,note the international CSI benchmark is 78.1 out of 100 which was set by Turkey, South Africans rated Cellular Services Providers poorly and see them as providing poor value to their customers. The SAcsi index at the time also highlighted Cellular Service Providers are also amongst those that experience a much higher rate of complaints.

Let’s take a look at the results for Cellular Network Providers:
SACSI Q4-2012
February 2013 Monthly Release – Cellular Network Service Providers
Measurement Quarter: Q4 – 2012
Industry name: Telecommunications – Cellular Service Providers
| SAcsi Score |
Industry Score | 77.3 |

  | SAcsi score | Point difference from Industry Average | Percent difference from Industry Average | Industry Comparison(90% statistical significance |
MTN | 78.9 | 1.6 | 2.1% | Industry Leader |
8ta | 76.6 | -0.7 | -0.9% | par with industry |
Vodacom | 77 | -0.3 | -0.4% | par with industry |
CellC | 74.1 | -3.2 | -4.1% | below par |

Above was the results published by SAcsi last year.

Still with SAcsi I looked at the latest results for Cellular Network Providers and in the article published on the 3 June 2014 on the website ( it was reported that the score for Network Providers had remained stable from last year at 76.7 out of 100.The report on SAcsi stated that this year there was no clear industry leader within the Mobile Network Services Providers unlike last year when MTN was the clear leader. This year 2014 Vodacom has scored on par with the industry standard whereas CellC is below industry par by 6.4% as per the survey done on randomly selected customers using each of the networks. The fact that there is no clear leader within our industry at the moment does not bode well as this means as a Cellular Service Provider it will become harder to find or achieve a financially sustainable competitive advantage over our competitor Vodacom.

Being that CellC and Vodacom are in direct competition with each other for larger market share and especially a larger customer...

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