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Customer Service At Dunkin Donuts Pakistan

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Term report |
Customer Service at Dunkin Donuts |
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5/26/2014 |

In a recent meeting, managers and supervisors for the company (your choice) where you work (your choice) expressed concerns about employees' customer-service skills. Moreover, they wondered whether the company should establish a specific set of customer service procedures— especially for new employees. They have asked you to investigate the customer service practices at other companies like yours to determine what skills your company should emphasize and what procedures, if any, your company should adopt. |

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Gloria Jean’s offers the best competition to Dunkin Donuts as both offer coffee so we decided to compare customer service techniques at the two places.
The quality of service is based upon four main categories that include food products themselves, the quality and service attributes that back the product, the employee as a product and the intangible service. The customer expects the product to answer customer needs, be priced reasonably and have an aesthetic/attractive appearance. For an effective in-depth analysis, we conducted an online within our circle of colleagues at IBA, who lie within the age group of 20-29, the findings of which are discussed further in this report.

Customer service at Dunkin Donuts and concerns about it:
Dunkin Donuts is widely known organization in Pakistan and worldwide. They offer dine-in, takeaway and delivery services. They offer a variety of donuts, coffee beverages, bagels, soups, sandwiches and other baked goods. Its most famous products in Karachi are donuts and coffee. Dunkin Donuts is managed by International Franchises (Pvt.) Ltd in Karachi. (Dunkin Donuts)
Their outlets open up early as they serve breakfast as well. They’re open from 0700 hrs in the day till 0100 hrs in the morning.
The employees are supposed to greet every customer politely and ask for their order. The company regulations insist that the employee should be civil and remain calm in all circumstance, and prohibits them from any kind of involvement with the customers. If they’re taking more time then they suggest different items to them in which they might be interested. Furthermore, if the customer shows aggression, they have the full right to ask them to leave or not serve them at all. Security guards are present on all of our locations.
They have predetermined value deals that they recommend to their customer which helps them to increase their daily sales as well as benefits the customers as it offers more value for money. Deals are mostly preferred during the lunch hour. They place flyers of popular deals over the counters and on the table to promote these deals. The employees themselves are not allowed to make up deals; otherwise there would be discrimination among the outlets. After the order is finalized the employees inquire whether they would like it for dine-in or take away. The employees ask for payment at the time of the placement of the order and hand them the receipt of the bill and ask the customers to wait. If the customers are dining, it’s still self service. Employees make sure the tables and vicinity is clean. And if it is a take away they call the customers when their order reaches the counter, hand it over to them and thank them.
There are a total of fourteen outlets in Karachi but most of them are most suited for take away only. Karachi is a city of hustle and bustle; the parking area adjacent is not so big and always full. So their take away and delivery are mostly preferred.
Some of them don’t offer...

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