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Delivering Customer Service the Right Way.
In modern world there are only a few things considered harder than satisfying a customer, gone are the days where a small candy for the kid accompanying or a just a simple smile would do the trick. Customers are more spoilt than ever, they believe that they should be treated like a royalty or they could always go “next door”. Companies are spending a lot of money to train their employees to brush up their customer service skills, and I reckon it’s the right move because no business can survive without delivering customer service the right way.
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A company might think that their prices are unparalleled, which they could be absolutely right about but the factor that would decide their future is the person attending their phone calls or the lowly paid guy standing in the return section. It’s not the product you offer that puts you in the game for long run, it’s the customer service you provide which puts you on the road towards longevity.
In an era where everywhere we go, we scrutinize like professional critics. It gets pretty hard to come up with something which leaves you in awe, and receiving constantly high service remains stuff of dreams, but luckily there are still some places which are right up there when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service and that too consistently. One such company I can think of is Starbucks, the world’s coffee leader, like every coffee lover I almost go there daily and there has not been a day when I have left the place disappointed, be it the coffee or the service. They call their servers ‘baristas’ and their baristas are one of the most highly trained customer service representatives in today’s market. I recently came across an article in Business Wire which mentioned a training program Starbucks employees go through every time they launch a new product, article states that when a customer would walk in this is what a barista would say “Your drink should be perfect, every time. If not, let us know and we will make it right”(Starbucks Espresso Training). Imagine the power behind this small quote, they believe in delivering the customer service like no one else and it’s hardly a surprise considering Starbucks market value compared to other coffee houses. It has been there for over three decades and still holds the status of ultimate giant when it comes to coffee, I have seen people driving or walking blocks to get their coffee from Starbucks, where as they could have easily gotten it from their local deli or Dunkin Donuts. There are almost 16,000 Starbucks stores all over the world, and I can tell you from my own personal experience, each and every store would provide the same exceptional customer service regardless of the country or culture (Business Wire). It’s strange how do they maintain such exceptional service, I have walked in on a snowy day at 7 in the morning and I have had my coffee at closing hours, nothing changes, not a frown, no rush, you get your perfect coffee with an unparalleled friendly attitude by baristas.
“If you do not look after your customers then someone else will” it couldn’t be truer than what Rowson said in his book Creating A Culture of Excellent Customer Service (8). We see companies spending billions of dollars on advertising nowadays, hiring celebrities, coming up with special effects that would put movies to shame, now imagine if they spend even half of it to keep their current customers content rather than trying to get new ones, a lot of companies take their loyal customers for granted and spend all their...

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