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Customer Satisfaction On Ab Bank Essay

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INTRODUCTION Bank as the financial services industry is approaching full historical cycle. Originally the banking system operated as full service industry, performing directly or indirectly all financial services. Banks are direct agents to create opportunities for development in a country and also provide large scale of employment opportunities. Banks mobilize savings and make it advances to investors and by this process make profit. As they deal with public money, their form of business is different from others. Banks must refund public’s money when they demand & qualityful services either it makes or not. So, overall operation system of bank should be evaluated carefully. Banking sector ...view middle of the document...

NCC Bank LTD has been operating their services from 1985 as a leasing company and from 1993 as a Bank in our country through its 16 branches.
Background of National Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd (NCCBL) National Credit and Commerce bank Limited bears a unique history of its own. The organization started its journey in the financial sector of the country as an investment company back in 1985. The aim of the company was to mobilize resources from within and invest them in such way so as to develop country’s Industrial and Trade Sector and playing a catalyst role in the formation of capital market as well. Its membership with the bourse helped the company to a great extent in this regard. The company operated up to 1992 with 16 branches and thereafter with the permission of the Central Bank converted in to a full-fledged scheduled private commercial bank in May 1993 with paid up capital Tk. 39. 00 core to serve the nation from a broader platform. During last 12 years of its operation NCCBL has acquired commendable reputation by providing sincere personalized service to its customers in a technology-based environment. The Bank has set up a new standard in financing in the Industrial, Trade and Foreign Exchange business. Its various deposit and credit products have also attracted the clients-both corporate and individuals who feel comfort in doing business with the Bank. The initial authorized capital of the Bank was Tk. 75.00 core and, paid-up capital Tk. 19.50, core at the time of conversion, which is now raised, to Tk. 39.00 cores. The present authorized capital is Tk. 250.00 core and paid up capital is Tk. 60.78 core. The sponsors of the new bank consisted of 26 (Twenty six) Members, who comprised the first Board of Directors. The share price of the bank is currently being quoted at both Dhaka and Chittagong Bourses at an average price of Tk. 320/- against per value of Tk. 100/-. NCC Bank based upon its commendable business performance for the year ended 2004, has meanwhile declared stock dividend at the rate of 30%. The Bank which started with 16 branches in 1993, has at present 41 (forty one) branches and 03 (three) Booths located in prime commercial areas of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Feni, Khulna, Jessore and Rangpur District Headquarters, out of which as many as 17 (seventeen) are Authorized Dealer Branches, fully equipped for dealing in direct foreign exchange businesses.
NCC BANK AT A GLANCE (Tk. in millions)
Authorized Capital
Paid up Capital
Reserve fund & other Reserves
Equity Fund
Loans & Advances
Import Business
Export Business
Operating Income
Operating Expenses
Operating Profit
Profit before Tax
Profit after Tax
Undistributed Profit
Total Assets (excluding contra)
Fixed Assets
Number of Branches
Work Responsibilities:...

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