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Customer Satisfaction Article Review

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Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality
Contemporary Issue in Sport – New Meadowlands has horrible edibles; go with Deli: Food Buzz
The Case
Located in the “midst of the country’s largest media market,” and in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the New Meadowlands Stadium is the home to the New York Jets and New York Giants. Not only is the stadium used for football games but it also is a prime venue for international soccer and international concerts. The stadium is built to accommodate over 82,000 spectators and even offers improved travel in the form of a rail station, as well as modern technology. In addition to the new amenities, the stadium has partnered with the Environmental ...view middle of the document...

If the food is free, for example the pizza, it may not be tasty enough for the fan. In addition to the food, the service is not up to par because customers may not find satisfaction in their “Miserable Manhattans” being served in a plastic cup yet being so pricey. The more critical fan could overstate (like Sutton) that concession prices are comparable to tuition at NYU or that the stadium only looks good on the outside but suspect on the inside. Though the Mezzanine Club seats are costly and have climate-controlled lounges, football action is hindered with other patrons blocking each other.
For one package where food is included, the food is overcooked even though it is sometimes tasty. Sutton, a connoisseur surmised that the Italian deli is a better alternative for the Food Network provision of meals for the Giants and Jets fans.
In the service as in other industries, customer service and customer satisfaction are very important. As a marketing tool word of mouth is very effective. In service industries, especially, the word gets around very quickly and customers do not often stop to try experiment on their own and come up with their own conclusions; the word of mouth becomes “truth.”
Of the three factors of customer satisfaction, expectation will come into play in this case. The expectations of this new and improved stadium seem to be unmet, which means customers are dissatisfied. If customers are dissatisfied, customers may complain. Customers are the main driving force behind these teams therefore, decision makers for the stadium/teams may need to survey their customers and determine...

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