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Customer Perception Towards Internet Banking Essay

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Customer Perception towards Internet Banking –with special reference to State Bank of Mysore, Shivamogga District

Information technology plays a major role in shaping industries all over the world obviously banks reply heavily on IT in conducting their business and spend huge amounts of money on such technology to reduce operation costs and gain the competitive advantage over their rivals by offering customer s better services through ATM machines .telephone banking (mobile banking), net banking and more Evidently in the last decades in internet banking. It started with the computerization of braches and then expanded to channels like ATM, Net banking, phone banking, ...view middle of the document...

2. The present study aims to explore the major factors responsible for internet banking based on respondents’ perception on various internet applications.
3. To know the problems of internet banking.
4. To study the growth of internet banking.
5. To offer the useful suggestions on the basis of findings
Research Methodology
. The required data for the present study are obtained from both,
* Primary data
* Secondary data
The primary data is collected from the Account holders of the state Bank of Mysore and also collected information from the employees of Shankargatta SBM bank and secondary data has been collected from the various published websites, journals, Newspapers and text books for the purpose of the analysis.
Chapter scheme
Chapters | Contents |
I | Introduction |
II | Research design |
III | An overview of Internet Banking in India and Profile of selected State banks in India. |
IV | Analysis and Interpretation customer perception towards Internet banking in India. |
V | Findings, Suggestion and conclusion |

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