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Customer Engagement In E Sport Essay

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E-sport tournaments and customer engagements
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The role of the e-sport tournaments activities in increasing customer engagement in video game industry in China
E-sport tournaments
E-sport is basically, competitive gaming that involves computer games and other related forms of games that can be addictive. Many people who involve themselves in the sports can get addicted to them in the case where there are structures that enhance their engagement in the games and tournaments. The customer can easily be engaged when the sports have aspects of addiction that can come as a result of elements of reward. The Chinese video game industry is worth millions of ...view middle of the document...

The ratings of e-sports on cable TV did exceed football, baseball, and basketball. Its ratings are approximately 2.3 times the ratings of Korean most popular athletic sport. Sponsors find that e-sports provide returns that are cost efficient in enhancing brand standing with the key male consumer base. Sponsors can back the sponsorship and the league that is dominated by local Korean companies that range from young brands like electronics and telecoms to mainstream brands like Korean Air and Shinhan bank. Another sponsor is MBC which supports the own branded team known as MBC Heroes (Verklin & Kanner, 2007). 
Gillete was the last sponsor of the Star League in 2004. The sponsorship covers more than just rights of naming on league signage and team uniforms; they can comprise everything from production promotions to PR appearances involving teams, outdoor advertising near the e-stadia plus brand plugs in the 24 hour gaming channel. The sponsorship scope reach is greater than single event sponsorship competitions like music concerts and fashion shows. Another product placement opportunity is the e-product placement. The strategic tool has been there since 2006 (Verklin & Kanner, 2007).  This is where some design formats and brand icons appear during the online game course and retrieving and finding the icons gives the players to use towards product bullying. Olympus, Coca-Cola and Korea Yakult are popular brands that employed e-product tools of placement.
Tailoring a message of sports team depending on the platform created by the social media is crucial to engagement that is digital like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among other sites operate with algorithms that vary with different types of content. The fan personalities do fluctuate across social networks as an objective of the platforms varying from updates that are witty to a photographic series, funny video messages. Teams cannot just jump to social media to post information, teams that are digitally developed (Wysocki, 2012). 
Developing an engagement that is single that reaches an audience that is diversified can alienate certain demographics within a fan base that is global as fans of sports want to feel a connection with a team or an organization of sports. As analytics that are advanced play a larger role in event and content engaging, marketing teams utilize fan diversifies an opportunity for interaction and messaging that is customized (Shank & Lyberger, 2014). 
According to Konijn et al (2007), most professional gamers are male. Girls are attracted to these male celebrities and follow them when they are playing. Through pure game, watchers might be predominantly male but there are still many girls showing up in the e-stadia to watch the boys in action. Appealing young women through advertising and sponsorship of the e-sports for brands of toilets and cosmetics has the potential to the growth of e-sports. Well engaged games do engage audiences on a level that is...

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